Battle of the Jamaican Patties

Irie Jamaican Restaurant vs. The Breadfruit Authentic Jamaican Grill

We're no expert when it comes to Jamaican patties, but we love, love, love them anyway. We're talking about the crispy little meat pies filled with goodies like spicy ground beef, fish or vegetables. Jamaican patties are found in Jamaica, of course, and throughout parts of the Caribbean as well as at a few extra special restaurants here in the Valley of the Sun.

In One Corner: Irie Jamaican Restaurant
2010 E. Broadway Road

The patties at Irie Jamaican Restaurant are spicy and stuffed with beef.

You could almost drive by Irie Jamaican Restaurant without realizing there's a business there. It's an unassuming building on Broadway in South Phoenix. Inside, the lights are off and there's a row of unplugged video games in the back of the dining room. Reggae music is playing a little too loud and a few Jamaican flags are on the wall. The vibe is ultra-laid back and the spot feels like a hang-out more than a restaurant. 

There's a hand-written menu on a wipe board next to the cash-only counter. The Jamaican beef patties are pre-made and sitting under warming lights. They're two bucks a pop and served in a brown paper bag.

"It's got a slow burn," said our dining companion a few bites into his patty. Orange flakes of crust dusted his chin. "It's spicy but not too spicy. It doesn't bring me to my knees in tears."

The patties were delicious. The meat stuffing was gooey and flavored with curries and other spices. They were a little bit greasy but that made them taste even better. All that was lacking was a Red Stripe.

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