The Michael Jackson Cupcake at Let Them Eat Cake

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Lauren Gilger
It doesn't matter if you're black or long as you're a cupcake.
Michael Jackson is back -- in cupcake form. 

Barbara Gardner, owner of the Arcadia bakery Let Them Eat Cake regularly features a "guest star" on her lengthy menu of baked goodies. Last month, it was an Elvis-inspired confection, but this week's hit a particularly interesting note. 
Lauren Gilger
The Michael Jackson cupcake at Let Them Eat Cake bakery.
The Michael Jackson cupcake is vanilla cake with fudge filling, which some might find an amusing commentary on the recently deceased star's racial...shall we say, transformation. We can assure you that it was inadvertent. Gardner designed the cupcake with a sparkling, sugar glove on top, in honor of Jackson's famous white glove. If you're in the neighborhood, check it out. This isn't your average tribute to a fallen star -- or your average cupcake.
Lauren Gilger
It's vanilla on the outside and fudge on the inside, but it's all delicious.

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Yummy.. anything Michael Jackson.

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