Opening This Week: Two Hippies Pizzeria

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​Andy and Jan Goldstein
, the two husband-and-wife hippies behind Two Hippies, are expanding their mini-empire.

By the end of this week, Andy Goldstein tells me, they'll be opening Two Hippies Dropped Out of College and Opened a Pizzeria. Has there ever been a restaurant whose name was a full sentence? This might be a first.

For the Goldsteins, it'll be their third eatery -- they also own a burger joint and a taco shack, Two Hippies Magic Mushroom Burgers and Two Hippies Beach House. The pizzeria is going into the old Long Wong's next to D'licious Dishes, at the southeast corner of 7th Ave and Missouri.

Andy's brother Ron, who founded Long Wong's, gave them the tip on buying the building. And while Andy says the pizzeria will be "different than a Long Wong's," it will have 15 different kind of wings, as well as subs and pizzas, made from mostly organic and local ingredients. To drink, they'll offer lemonades in different flavors just like at the Beach House.

The pizza will be thicker than a thin crust, and thinner than a thick crust, he says. "We'll have Chinese, Jewish, Mexican, Thai, and Mediterranean pizzas."

For example, the Jewish pizza will have Russian dressing, corned beef, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese, and red onion, while the Chinese pizza will have bamboo shoots, chicken, noodles, and a special Chinese-style sauce. Pizzas will top out at $8, while subs will run about $6. Service will be takeout and delivery only, and there will be a walk-up window.

Meanwhile, the Two Hippies Breakfast Joint that I reported on awhile ago is almost ready as well, opening by the end of this month at 7th Avenue and Glenrosa. Stay tuned for more info on that opening.

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All of you self-centered Vegans need to get a Life! If you don't like 2 Hippies, SHUT Your Pie-Hole and go somewhere else!!!We are tired of your Whining! More power to you, if you want to live a veganlifestyle.... You are just eliminating the WEAK from the Gene Pool. Ha!

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