Monday Night Martha: Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus

Asparagus is no longer in season but that doesn't stop the Gutel household from gobbling it by the pound. Simply put, we adore asparagus and the best way to cook it is to roast it in the oven and then wrap each stalk in a thin slice of prosciutto.

There's something about the combination of the crunchy asparagus and the salty pork that makes this appetizer as addictive as crack cocaine. It's so good you'll want it as a side dish with every meal. Having pan-fried steak for dinner? Let's have asparagus with prosciutto! Making burritos? Let's have asparagus with prosciutto! Feeling too lazy to cook and you're warming up a sad little can of SpaghettiOs? Let's have asparagus with prosciutto!
The exact recipe for asparagus wrapped in prosciutto is plucked from Giada De Laurentiis' book Everyday Italian. That said, this is a pretty self-explanatory dish. Snap the bottoms off the stalks and give each one a quick go-round with your vegetable peeler. Arrange them on a cookie sheet or baking pan and roast them with olive oil and salt and pepper. When they come out of the oven, let them cool a few minutes and then wrap them with the prosciutto.

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