Battle of the Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Corbin's vs. Cheuvront
There are so many ways to make grilled cheese. Sourdough or white bread? Cheddar cheese, American cheese or Swiss? With or without tomato? We explored a few grilled cheese haunts this week to bring you a sandwich face-off.

In One Corner: Corbin's Bar and Grill
8729 N Central Ave.


"Uh, hell yeah!" was our friend's first reaction on reading the description of Corbin's grilled cheese. It sounded amazing -- a trio of cheddar, imported Swiss and queso fresco with a thick cut of bacon and tomato, on a choice of either sourdough or whole wheat. The grilled cheese cost $9.50 and came with home fries, cottage cheese or cole slaw. We opted for the whole wheat and home fries combo.

Unfortunately, the sandwich seemed to be all concept and no execution. None of the cheeses had a particularly strong taste. We could see the cheese stacked triple-high on the sandwich, but the taste kind of disappeared when we ate it.

And there was another problem: "I wish it would have been more melty," said our friend. "I like my grilled cheese really melty."

The bacon, in contrast, seemed sadly soggy under all the cheese and tomato. But the bread had a nice crispness to it, which was a plus.

"This one is a little bit lackluster," added our dining companion. "I'm surprised because I've had great food here before."

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