Tutto Opens in Scottsdale

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Valley chef Joseph Gutierrez wastes no time. He's the new owner of Tutto, an Italian restaurant at 7114 East Stetson Drive in Scottsdale. If the address rings a bell that's because it's the old spot for Digestif, which is opening soon (but not that soon) across the street in See Saw's old spot. Talk about a land grab... Digestif closed Saturday and Tutto opened Wednesday.

"Inside it looks exactly the same," says Debora Bridges, a spokeswoman for Scottsdale's Southbridge. "But it did open on Wednesday."

Gutierrez is also the owner of Scottsdale's Cin-Cin Bistro. The longtime Valley chef (formerly of L'Orangerie at the Arizona Biltmore in the 1980s) is also planning to open a Spanish restaurant called Tapas Papas Fritas at the location of the never-to-exist Mexican Standoff.

That's what we know -- for now. More details to come.

7114 East Stetson Drive, Scottsdale

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It is actually called Tapas Papa Frita (no s on the papa).

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