Chef Fukuda at the Welcome Diner Saturday Night

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If you're jonesing for the yummy eats of the amazing (and James Beard Award winning) chef Nobuo Fukuda, head down to The Welcome Diner this Saturday. Chef Fukuda will be cooking up Japanese street food from 8 p.m. to midnight.

Chef Fukuda operated Sea Saw, which closed in June. He's working on a new restaurant planned for Phoenix so Saturday's event could help to tide you over during the wait.

The Welcome Diner doesn't have a full liquor license but restaurant spokesman Sloane McFarland says you can BYOB. McFarland says the restaurant is so tiny, they may not even have enough glasses.

"Bring your very own, if desired," McFarland says.

The menu includes pork and shrimp gyoza ($8.00), soft shell crab sandwich with green papaya slaw ($10) and pork belly with steamed buns (two for $8.00). For dessert, they're serving kakigori, a Japanese shaved ice, in melon, strawberry and green tea flavors.

The Welcome Diner
924 E. Roosevelt St.
Phoenix, AZ 85006

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