Battle of the Gazpacho Soups

Pita Jungle vs. Delux

Gazpacho is a cold soup, originally from Spain, and is the perfect antidote to these hellacious summer days. There are so many variations on gazpacho (chunky or pureed, spicy or mild) but they're all tomato-based and raw, making them vegetarian and, more often than not, vegan-friendly.

In One Corner: Delux
3146 E Camelback Rd
(602) 522-2288

The gazpacho soup at Delux was chunky and the goat cheese melted evenly into the cold soup, which must be some crazy magic trick.

Delux makes great burgers and sweet potato fries, that much we know already, but a quick search on Yelp taught us they also serve gazpacho soup.

We arrived just before the lunch crowd. Bowls of gazpacho cost $5.50 and they don't serve soup by the cup. The waiter seemed a bit flummoxed at our request to split a bowl into two smaller portions, but he caved to our stinginess.

"It tastes like salsa turned into a soup," said our dining companion, a gazpacho virgin.

The soup was filled with diced zucchini, onions, tomato and bell pepper, topped with avocado and goat cheese, and served with Italian breadsticks. The soup had a mild spice that grew to a slow burn, ruining our breath in the meantime.

"I think I have dragon tongue," our friend said.

Still, the soup was great and quintessentially gazpacho-esque.

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