9 Famous Foodies to Follow on Twitter

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Hungry for some tasty tweets? The culinary community is sweeping the Twittersphere, and now you can keep up with some of the biggest names in the biz just by clicking the "follow" button on Twitter. Here are some faves:

@RuthReichl The Gourmet editor, memoirist and legendary restaurant critic Ruth Reichl has just returned from Marrakech, readers learn from her recent tweets.

@ChezPim Popular blogger Pim Techmuanvivit, of chezpim.com, has a thing for peaches and figs lately.

@KarenAndAndrew You heard of The Flavor Bible? Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg wrote the book.

@GaelGreene Insatiable Critic, author, and Top Chef Masters judge Gael Greene says, "Life is a bowl of luscious sour cherries."

@RobbWalsh If you dig barbecue, check out Houston Press food critic Robb Walsh's BBQ-obsessed tweets.

@Jenny8Lee Jennifer 8 Lee, the gal behind Fortune Cookie Chronicles, eats her way around NYC. 

@Ruhlman His blog is damn popular, but author Michael Ruhlman makes time for Twitter, too. 

@Bittman New York Times' Minimalist Mark Bittman posts lots of links to interesting articles.

@AmandaHesser New York Times columnist Amanda Hesser gives readers a slice of the foodie life.

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If you love reading food blogs you should check out Extreme Chef, The Food Network's newest hit show starting this Sunday. I saw a preview for it the other day and can't wait! 

Foodie Fanatic
Foodie Fanatic

oh i totally saw a promo for that - don't they cook like bear and snake and stuff? bizarre... but im def checking it out!

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