Last Night: Dan Aykroyd Signs Skulls in Scottsdale

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It's no surprise when a current sensation like Lady Gaga or Robert Pattinson (if only!) shows up to swarming mobs of fans. But the stars of yesterday can also draw packed houses -- if they've got a cult following. And they put out this wacky infomercial.

Dan Aykroyd poses with mega-fans, the AZ Ghostbusters
Over 500 fans flooded the parking lot outside Sportsman's Fine Wines in Scottsdale last night just for a chance to get their heads signed by legendary actor, musician, winemaker and former Blues Brother Dan Aykroyd -- their Crystal Heads, that is. After creating his own wine label, Aykroyd recently ventured into the hard booze biz, aiding in the creation of a vodka that's made with "pure Newfoundland glacial pool water, and peaches and cream corn mash."

And because Aykroyd seems as interested in paranormal phenomena as his character Ray Stantz did in the Ghostbusters franchise, his $50 Crystal Head Vodka comes in this Bruni art glass bottle, modeled after the supposed "13 Crystal Skulls."

The magical signed crystal skull...
More pics of Dan Aykroyd and the Kingdom of the Crystal Head after the jump...


Either this was Aykroyd's transportation, or some local classic car nut really got on the Blues Brothers bandwagon. Not only does the plate have Aykroyd's character's name on it, there's also a familiar quote tattooed on the back of the vintage roadster: "We're on a mission from God."


Which is exactly what it felt like trying to get in to see Aykroyd. Colored bracelets were given to guests; groups whose colors were called could move to the line inside the store.


 Because lines were out the door, things had to move along quickly. Walk forward. Present bottle. Watch bottle get signed. Maybe get a quick I-Phone shot. Move along. But Aykroyd was very generous with some of his more creative fans, getting up to pose for pictures, shaking their hands, and signing bottles with their names or personal phrases like "Happy Birthday, Judy!"


Some were more rabid, er, avid fans than others. The AZ Ghostbusters, who we blogged about recently, were in attendance as a group -- with matching t-shirts. If you haven't seen them in action before, visit the upcoming Ghostbusters video game release party on June 15 at GameStop in Glendale.


Finally, after two hours of meeting, greeting and signing in a warm, very crowded store, Aykroyd gave up the ghost. Vodka bottles were running low, tempers were running high, and poor Aykroyd was probably wishing he never had to hear
the phrase "who ya gonna call?" again.
Those who walked away with signed memorabilia were pleased with their spoils. Maybe they'll keep them forever, maybe they'll become family heirlooms. Or maybe you too can own a glass head signed by Dan Aykroyd on E-bay or Craigslist today.

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