Chef Robert McGrath Lands at Christie's Cabaret

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The most titillating news I've heard in a while is that James Beard Award-winning chef Robert McGrath -- formerly of Roaring Fork and Pischke's Blue Ribbon -- is now on the payroll of Entertainment U.S.A., the parent company of upscale strip club Christie's Cabaret and 15 other venues across the country.

According to Steve Cooper, the owner of the company, he's hired McGrath to open a restaurant in Germantown, Tennessee (an upscale neighbor to Memphis) that will serve steaks and seafood, and will also feature dancing at night -- similar to Barcelona. If all goes well, Cooper may open something along those lines in the Valley as well.

McGrath is also revamping the menus for his other properties, Cooper says, and will be creating a menu for Sin Bar, a new food venue-within-a-venue that will serve American cuisine at the Phoenix Christie's location. That's right, you'll be able to fuel up on decent grub after that lap dance.

So will the man who invented Roaring Fork's famous "Big Ass Burger" follow up his creation with the "Tight Ass Burger"? If so, I just might put the strip club in my restaurant rotation. 

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Web DesigneAs far as I can see (as a woman) he's gonna class up the joints, which in this economic age is a good bet that he will return with gusto in the near future. We're all licking our wounds, no need to pour salt on anyone else's.

Alan Clayton Grayard
Alan Clayton Grayard

Hi Steve!!

This is Alan Grayard. Hey you have a cook now? Tommy burgers are not what you want? Why don't you give me a call and let me know when you are going to transfer the club to me?.

Call me at 480-420-6996.


a sign of your bad taste, lick away- jealousy is a dessert of demons.


You need to get a life and maybe see a priest .

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