Juju Berri's Frozen Yogurt is a Tasty Bargain in Glendale

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Juju Berri Frozen yogurtConsider us big fans of the fro yo craze, including a spot in Glendale called Juju Berri (7369 W. Bell Rd. Suite #5, 623-776-2954).

The concept is simple. Pick up a pink or green tub at the door and serve yourself. Mix and match from 10 flavors of soft-serve frozen yogurt, including New York Cheesecake, Blueberry Pomegranate, Green Tea and Kiwi.

Next there are more than 30 toppings to choose from including granola, cheesecake bites, gummy bears and an assortment of fresh fruit.

Flavors of yogurt and seasonal fruit are frequently switched up for something different, so even if you find a favorite and it suddenly disappears, don't be sad -- you are likely to find something you like even more.

Juju Berri ToppingsJuju Berri sells its yogurt and toppings for only 37 cents an ounce.Your wallet and your waistline will thank you. (As long as you practice some discretion -- those ounces do add up.)

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