Won Tons at China Chili Make a Cheap, Tasty Lunch

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Sometimes you find an appetizer so good it passes for the main event -- and these days (time-crunched, wallet-crashed) that can be a very good thing.

Such are the Boiled Won Tons at China Chili near downtown Phoenix. Served in a big bowl, the soup features ten pork dumplings swimming in a broth of spicy Szechuan peanut sauce, topped with fresh scallions, garlic and ginger. After taking a bite, you may not want to share. This dish stands alone and at $5.95 could be a perfect lunch.


China Chili left the all-too beaten path along the light rail line on Central Avenue a while back for a spot on 3rd Street south of Indian School. Now that the construction's over and the light rail's running, we wish we could take it to grab a bowl of that wonton soup. That's okay, we'll make the sacrifice and drive. The only slightly Americanized flavors of this Chinese food is worth it.  

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