Pop Culture: Wal-Mart's Grapefruit Soda

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Normally the tasting team and I go in to these pop culture reviews on essentially equal footing, none of us terribly familiar with the product at hand. This time I threw the tasters -- Jonathan, Jasmine, Peter and Jay -- a bit of a curve ball, serving up one of my all-time favorite sodas, Wal-mart's unbranded "Grapefruit," without telling them what it was.

Yes, Wal-mart. This stuff costs 67 cents a 2-liter (Faygo costs more than that) and comes in an ugly bottle, but it's as tasty a pop as is available at the low-end supermarkets and, yes, they sell Jones. I've long loved it, on ice or as a mixer, and I was curious what the crew would think, both before and after they knew it's true identity.

: An all-time favorite of mine Wal-mart's Great Value Grapefruit soda is sweet with an edge of acidic bitterness. It's somewhat similar to Coca Cola's Fresca, though it's got HFCs and, thus, calories. It has a lot more depth than Squirt, which I only enjoy in it's Ruby Red incarnation. Also, I assure you, I'm not the only one who's in to this stuff. --Martin Cizmar

Before knowing:

"Holy shit, that's awesome," says Jonathan.

"I think it's good, but Squirt's better," says Jay.

After knowing:

"I'm impressed Wal-mart did something right," says Peter.

"Now that you told me it's from Wal-mart I like it less," says Jasmine.

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they still sell wink soda here, in charlotte nc at harris teeter and BI-LO. it costs $1.49 for a 2 liter bottle. and its waay better than this walmart crap.


Ok Wal-Mart it's time to bring this Grapefruit soda back .The demand in my area is high for it sales out quickly


This is my family's favorite soda and they stopped selling it at our Wal-Mart also.  We have to travel to a larger town to buy it and the majority of the time they are out.  I agree with Kathi, every time we find an item we like they discontinue it.   

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