Eddie Recommends: More Party Advice


Okay, so let's say you've picked a signature drink like I mentioned last week. And you've agreed to scratch the goofy centerpieces in lieu of an upgrade to the food. Here are important three things to know about catering an event. You need finger foods, some hot items people can sit down and eat (to sop up those pecan pie martinis), and a flavorful finish.

For the finger foods, think simple -- something people can munch on as soon as they walk in the door, like bruschetta, crab wontons, single-bite stuff. Next, start serving the supper. People will flock to the belly-fillers. The starches, pastas and potatoes. And then, finish the night with something sweet and small. Remember that nobody wants to sit down with an oversized piece of chocolate cake in front of 200 of their not-so-closest friends. Go for chocolate truffles or miniature cheesecake -- something that explodes with flavor.

The last bite of the menu is actually more important than the first. -- Eddie Matney

Chef Eddie Matney is the owner of Eddie's House in Scottsdale.

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