This Sunday: Sassi Goes Hog Wild With Festa di Maiale

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By Michele Laudig

Of course I don't expect you to read Italian. "Festa di Maiale" means "Festival of the Pig," which means that Sassi's big shindig this Sunday, from 2 to 6 p.m., will be a porcine party extraordinaire.

In Italy, it's a traditional celebration of butchering the family pig and turning Porky into prosciutto, sausage, and other cured delicacies. At the North Scottsdale restaurant, it's an afternoon orgy of food, wine, and live music, with treats such as grilled sausage, housemade salumi, prosciutto, and even a whole roasted pig, fresh from a wood-burning oven.

Tickets are $65 in advance or $75 the day of (click here for details). Curious about the menu? Check it out:

Station 1
Housemade sausages, cooked over wood grill (Sweet spicy, Tomato-herb, Fennel and black pepper)
Pork Spiedino
Porchetta roasted on a spit, carved at table
Variety of condiments, mostarda
Bread and Rolls from MJ Bread/ La Brea

Station 2
Dry rubbed ribs
Red wine braised ribs
Pork “Cracklings”
Prosciutto cotto (fresh pork leg, carved at table)
Condiments and accompaniments

Station 3
Sassi-made Cavatelli with pork ragu and Parmigiano
Rigatoni with mushrooms, Pecorino and herbs

Station 4
Affetati misti – Salume and Prosciutto sliced to order
Prosciutto di Parma, Mortadella, Coppa, Soprasetta, Cappicolla, Finnochiona
Breads, crackers to accompany salume
Italian cheeses

Station 5
Pickled vegetables
Seasonal vegetable salads
Insalata Caprese

Station 6
Fall fruit crostata



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