So Delish: Sushi at Yasu's

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Aji sushi with scallion and ginger (left), and fresh katsuo with shiso, onion, and roasted garlic chips

By Michele Laudig

Do you have a favorite restaurant that is the first place you visit when you get money in the bank? Whenever I'm dying for payday and need a light at the end of the tunnel, I look forward to hitting up Yasu Sushi Bistro.

Usually, I go there to meet up with a friend who's also a big fan of Yasu. We actually first became acquainted at the sushi bar there, and totally hit it off as likeminded Japanophiles.


We started off sharing an order of cold tofu, dressed up with katsuo-bushi (dried bonito shavings). Little did we know that katsuo would be the theme of the day, as this hard-to-find seasonal fish was on special, and we couldn't resist it.


When we ordered salmon sushi, we had the option of getting regular or "Yasu style." Turns out, the "Yasu style" (left) was just barely seared, drizzled with ponzu. The kampachi just melted in our mouths.


Unagi is my secret weapon whenever I'm trying to break in a sushi virgin. (Some people still think that sushi implies raw fish, when what it really means is vinegared rice.) Of course, my friend was no stranger to unagi, and we both kind of moaned when we tasted how good this was. Like buttah.


Chicken doesn't sound very exciting, but this is a huge, huge exception. The jidori chicken is about the most succulent, flavorful chicken around, with incredible crispy skin that's perfectly seasoned. You can see in the photo that the end piece is missing -- that's because my friend gobbled it up before I had a chance to whip out the camera.

And last but not least, we splurged on more katsuo, this time in tataki form (see below). Actually, we unintentionally went overboard, since we ordered it before our unagi came (we were so giddy we forgot what all we ordered!). I was already quite full when that landed in front of us, but how could I let such beautiful fish go to waste? Thanks to that, I had a protein high all weekend.


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