Eddie Recommends: What to do with three bucks

By Eddie Matney


Eddie here. Ya know, the only thing I know about blogging is how to say the word blogging. But I know how to talk. And I know food. And I know the nooks, crannies and noshes in Arizona that will blow your mind. So I have a feeling we’re going to get along just fine.

So let me start this little blog with a confession. If I had only $3 in my pocket, I’d indulge with two double cheeseburgers and a small Hi-C: $2.97 from McDonald's. Why am I telling you this? In this blog, we’re going to talk about the good, the bad, and the cheap. The way I see it…helping you find new guilty pleasures…that’s priceless.

Chef Eddie Matney is the owner of Eddie's House in Scottsdale.

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