Eddie Recommends: Sustainable seafood

By Eddie Matney


I just got back from Jackson Hole, Wyoming after fly fishing in the famous 1-fly tournament. Turns out I love fish…on a hook or on a plate. But let’s be honest, not all fish is sourced equally. And from pollution to sustainability, which pond your fish first called home does makes a difference.

So here’s some advice when you’re deciding on dinner:
1. Don’t buy it out of the backseat of a car. Or a cooler. No matter how great the deal seems. It’s likely a Rocky Point special, and though it may bring back memories of the family vacation, there’s a difference between Malecon fresh, and 10-hours-in-a-cooler-pick-up-truck fresh. You don’t want to find out what a difference that is.
2. If it’s glowing, it’s Chernobyl Catfish. Steer clear. Fish should not be rainbowed.
3. There’s no such thing as Arizona Sea Bass. And Canal Carp is not a delicacy.
4. Most Arizona Popcorn Shrimp are equivalent to deep-fried sea monkeys.

If you want sustainable, you can’t cut corners. Make sure your dish is Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) Certified. Those people are the fish police. Listen to what they have to say.

Chef Eddie Matney is the owner of Eddie's House in Scottsdale.

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