Eddie Recommends: A sushi secret

By Eddie Matney


There are five things I love:
1. Sushi at AJ's.
2. Sushi at AJ's.
3. Sushi at AJ's.
4. Sushi at AJ's.
5. Sushi at AJ's.

Have you tried it? It’s incredibly fresh. Tasty. And made to order.

And here’s a confession: I was turned onto the AJ’s sushi counter (at Scottsdale Road and Lincoln) after hearing on the news that it received the board of health’s highest rating for restaurant cleanliness. Not a bad thing to have when you’re serving raw fish.

So I was wandering through the store, hungry, and stockpiled a few rolls. Okay, so I threw one back in the store and brought the rest back to my family. Seriously, I was hungry. And then I was happy. And even now, I have salmon eggs on the brain. Try it. You’ll see why.

Chef Eddie Matney is the owner of Eddie's House in Scottsdale.

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