SHWEET!: Toffee Bar at Bertha's Cafe

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By Steve Jansen


While La Grande Orange gets all of the love (and for good reason), there's another European-style cafe on 40th Street that deserves some attention, too.

Writer Tania Katan turned me on the Bertha's Cafe a few years ago. When she grew tired of LGO and Mama Java's while writing pages for her awesome memoir My One-Night Stand with Cancer, she began to spend hours at Bertha's due to the spot's quiet vibe, friendly staff, and good eats.

Soon thereafter, I discovered she was right. The place is charming as all get out with its rotating art exhibits that usually features saturated color travel photography. Thankfully during a recent weekend afternoon, I found out that Bertha's still maintains that chill factor. Plus, the dessert selections are it, from cheesecakes to home baked cookies.

I suggest the chocolate chip toffee bar. For about two bones, enjoy this perfectly baked, square-format treat bathed in caramel and oozing with marshmallows goodness.

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