SHWEET!: La Tazzina Leccabaffi at Voce’

By Steve Jansen

Guess which one costs more?

On a recent weekend night, I was hanging at Vocé Ristoranté, listening to the laid-back sounds of Khani Cole, when I was struck by a serious jones for a dessert. My $11 glass of organic Shiraz, though good, just wasn’t cutting it.

He’s nicer than he looks here. Promise.

The lounge menu was full of awesome desserts, but none more enticing than the La Tazzina Leccabaffi, an $8.50 chocolate mousse fused with espresso cream (and served by the bartender in the above photo). I don’t remember the last time I ate a mousse-like treat – if I’m going to eat chocolate-based desserts, I usually go for more overbearingly chocolate sweets – but the one at Vocé was super good. It was fluffy, supple, and sweet enough to keep me happy.

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