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Ed Aiona
Let the good times roll: Roshambo Winery makes a pit stop in Scottsdale tonight

Right now, I envy the dudes from Roshambo Winery -- you'd recognize their labels by their distinctive rocks-paper-scissors logo -- who're touring California and Arizona in their tricked-out Roshambus. These guys get to party like rock stars without the hassles of actually being in a band.

I rang up the winery's PR guru, Dan Ricciato, a little while ago, and he told me they just did an event in Tucson last night. In a freak small-world moment at Hotel Congress, he happened to run into Helen Hestenes -- owner of the Icehouse -- whom he'd met at a Cali wine tasting a few weeks earlier. Helen told Ricciato to get in touch with New Times, and coincidentally, I was trying to get in touch with him right around the same time. Everything is connected.

Anyway, the Roshambus will be at SIX for the Chris Clouse and DJ Zhaldee show tonight, from about 7 p.m. until the club kids come home. (Doors for the show are at 9 p.m.) Featured wines of the night will include Roshambo's syrah, sauvignon blanc, and rose.

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