Signs of life downtown: Bar Smith

Categories: Chow Bella

Just in time for First Friday comes Bar Smith, a new restaurant/hangout/watering hole that's taken over that spot on Washington that housed the short-lived Taste of N'Awlins, and before that, Oregano's. The place has been open a few weeks now, but last night was the grand opening.

I haven't had a chance to stop by yet -- and admittedly, I'm still wary of all the construction delays over there -- but I hope it turns out to be a nice place for a bite. Chef Patrick Boll's menu offerings look like the kind of all-American fare that would go nicely with a beer.

The "Pot 'O' Pork," with chile verde, Oaxaca cheese and tortillas sounds like something I could go for right now, but alas, I'm stuck in the office and can't bear the thought of eating another vending machine granola bar...

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