Sibona Amaro Available at Barrelhouse in Chandler. Rejoice, Amaro Nerds

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Cin cin to Sibona in Phoenix!
It's not too often Phoenix gets to brag that we had something before California, but we do get to show off our bottles of Sibona Amaro to everyone in the Golden State because we got it first. The distilled liqueur from Piedmont, Italy is bold and extraordinarily complex and only available to try at a few places locally so far. If you're intent on being at the cusp of amaro trends, get a shot of Sibona at Barrelhouse American Kitchen & Cocktails in Chandler.

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Sonoran Dog from Nogales Hot Dogs: 100 Favorite Dishes

Heather Hoch
Forget the chimichanga-- Arizona loves Sonoran dogs.
Last year we marked the hundred day countdown to Best of Phoenix by sharing some of our favorite food folks' "Personal Best" lists. This year we're bringing back our list of 100 Favorite Dishes. Have a suggestion for a dish you'd like us to try? Leave it in the comments section or email

25. Sonoran Dog from Nogales Hot Dogs

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Perfect Pear Bistro to Open Second Location in Tempe

Perfect Pear Bistro/Facebook
New American comfort food is coming your way, Tempe.
A popular new spot in the Ahwatukee foothills is opening up a second location after less than a year. The Perfect Pear Bistro will open in Tempe later next month, bringing its "new American comfort food" and bistro eats to the corner of Priest Drive and Ray Road.

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I'm on a Diet! What Can I Have for Dessert?

Categories: Sugar Rush

Rachel Miller
Fresh, ice cold watermelon for dessert.

Once, when working in a health food restaurant, a disgruntled mother approached me. It was an open kitchen and one of the servers had pointed me out as the pastry cook. She wanted to know what her children could eat off the dessert menu since they were lactose-intolerant, gluten-intolerant, allergic to nuts, and didn't like chocolate.

"Fruit?" I suggested.

She threw my ingredient book at me and stormed off. I wasn't trying to be cheeky, but I really didn't have much dessert-wise that would fit every dietary issue her kids had. We did gluten-free, but those options included nuts. We did ice cream, but it used goat's milk. And chocolate was all over that dessert menu.

In restaurants, most adopt the attitude, "If we can, we will." I gladly would have cut some fruit for her kiddos. We want you to have the best experience as well as a great meal in our establishment. Unfortunately, not only do we not know the guidelines for every diet that exists, but there are times when we just don't have the ability to make substitutions.

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The Sushi Room in Chandler to Rebrand as Rock Lobster Next Month

Melissa Fossum
A sushi-making class at The Sushi Room last summer.
Add yet another local restaurant to the list of places going for a rebrand this summer. Every time we turn around, it seems another spot has gotten a face lift and a new name.

This time, it's The Sushi Room in Chandler's turn to change things. The restaurant, which opened its doors in 2011, will reopen as a new concept called Rock Lobster on Tuesday, September 2.

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Cheap Pizza and Beer at Mellow Mushroom Today at Four Valley Locations

Categories: Wake Up Call

Mellow Mushroom/Facebook
Mellow Mushroom is turning 40 and it wants you to celebrate with cheap eats.
Mellow Mushroom's menu and prices sure have changed a lot since the first shop opened in Atlanta in 1974. To celebrate its 40th anniversary, Mellow Mushroom is doing a trippy time warp and sending both back to the way they were when the restaurant opened, which means cheap beer and pizza.

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The Lodge in Scottsdale: Happy Hour Report Card

Josh Chesler
The Lodge's wings aren't for those afraid of a little spice, but they are far superior to standard bar wings.

The Spot: The Lodge
4422 North 75th Street, Scottsdale

The Hours: Happy Hour is offered every day from 3 until 7 p.m.

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Sam Gyup Sahl from Cafe Ga Hyang: 100 Favorite Dishes

Lauren Saria
Last year we marked the hundred day countdown to Best of Phoenix by sharing some of our favorite food folks' "Personal Best" lists. This year we're bringing back our list of 100 Favorite Dishes. Have a suggestion for a dish you'd like us to try? Leave it in the comments section or email

26. Sam Gyup Sahl from Cafe Ga Hyang

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Now Open: Fluff It Marshmallows in Gilbert

Categories: Now Open

Fluff It Marshmallows/Facebook
Thin Mint marshmallows -- just one of the many varieties at Fluff It.
If you're in Gilbert and you have a serious sweet tooth, you're in luck because Fluff It Marshmallows recently opened on Gilbert Road between Baseline and Guadalupe roads. The customizable handmade marshmallow shop offers a range of flavors and a build-your-own s'mores bar.

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Jeff Kraus of Crepe Bar Makes the 13 Mile Vegetable Curry Crepe (VIDEO)

Categories: The Trail

Evie Carpenter
Jeff Kraus
We're going behind the scenes and getting up close and personal with some of the Valley's favorite chefs, learning what it takes to make one of their best-known dishes. Welcome to The Trail.

It's hard not to smile when you walk into Crepe Bar in Tempe. Everything from the walls -- hand-painted in a colorful pattern -- to the young employees to chef and owner Jeff Kraus exudes energy. It's infectious.

The fact that there's always plenty of hot and cold brewed coffee flowing may also be to blame.

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