How to Make a Jungle Bird Cocktail

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JK Grence

Sometimes behind the bar, you have your own personal trends. Take, for example, this week's cocktail. A year or two ago, I got on a streak of making this drink for almost everyone I knew. I sang its praises far and wide. But somehow, it never made it into Chow Bella.

Then last week some friends and I were talking shop. Someone asked if I had heard of the Jungle Bird cocktail. They said I'd like it, that doesn't take itself too seriously but has a sophisticated side. I found the recipe in my library and immediately remembered that I'd made scores of these not too long ago.

I'm glad I dusted off my archives. The Jungle Bird cocktail is a damned fine drink.

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TapHouse Kitchen in Scottsdale Is Now Open: Craft Beer, Modern American Cuisine

Categories: Now Open

TapHouse Kitchen/Facebook
The group behind American TapHouse in Gilbert has brought craft beer to Scottsdale with a second concept, TapHouse Kitchen. The restaurant opened a few weeks ago in the Hilton Village Center at 6137 North Scottsdale Road, in a space formerly occupied by Blue Wasabi.

TapHouse Kitchen offers a menu modern American cuisine, in addition to a respectable selection of craft beers. The tap lineup includes local options from Grand Canyon, Four Peaks, and Papago Brewery.

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Chilaquiles Battle: La Tolteca vs. Pepe's Taco Villa

Natalie Miranda
Chilaquiles from La Tolteca.

Crispy fried tortilla strips smothered in sauce that makes the nose run, covered with cheese, a fried egg and chicken. We're talking chilaquiles.

The Mexican breakfast dish -- which is perfect for any time of day -- makes us want to rewind our meal just to savor the flavors once again. Finding a spot to order them is not hard in the metro Phoenix area with the endless amount of Mexican restaurants filling the streets.

But we narrowed the field to La Tolteca and Pepe's Taco Villa, putting the two head to head this week in a chilaquiles showdown.

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3 Easter Treats in Metro Phoenix for Your Basket

Categories: Seasonal

Courtesy of Super Chunk.
Build the sweetest Easter basket with locally made confections.
Easter is right around the corner, and if you're still stocking up to make baskets, don't worry. Local confectionary favorites are prepping freshly made sweets to brighten up your Sunday and take the worry out of planning for the holiday. From chocolate to caramel corn and bright pastel colors, this Easter is definitely going to be looking and tasting great.

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Grand Prix Crepe at Crepe Bar in Tempe: Eat This Now

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Lauren Saria
New menu items at Crepe Bar in Tempe include the Grand Prix.
Since 2012 chef Jeff Kraus has been creating some of the Valley's most imaginative cuisine at Crepe Bar in Tempe. Kraus fills the delicate pancakes with everything from local chorizo to apple coconut chutney to offer diners unique creations like the popular Papa K, which combines local ham, mushroom ragout, and pepperjack cheese.

Recently the chef added a few new items to the Crepe Bar lineup, including the 13mi Vegetable Curry crepe that combines Agritopia Farm produce, mixed greens, and masala frico. But our instant obsession from the new selections is the Grand Prix.

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Food Festival Season in Phoenix: Spread Out the Love

Categories: Saria

Evie Carpenter
The crowd at the Check, Please! Arizona Festival this year.
The number of food (and drink) festivals in this city has exploded in recent years. Phoenix is a bona fide food town. It's exciting. It's also daunting.

If you're a food lover, you've probably spent many weekends over the past few months stuffing your face with BBQ samples and dessert samples and wine samples, and it's probably been a blast. It was for me.

But as we come to the end of the festival season, I have one question to ask: Next year, can we spread out the love?

Because I love you, festival season. But frankly, I'm exhausted.

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Domino's New Chicken Crust Pizza Accepts Its Inevitable Failure

Categories: Wake Up Call

Courtesy of Domino's.
Get ready for some Specialty Chicken, y'all.
Do you know what we think every time we go to upscale pizza joint like Pomo and Pizzeria Bianco?

"Man, we wish this pizza crust was actually made of breaded chicken." Not.

But Domino's went ahead with the idea of replacing its dough, which is definitely passable anyway, with some sort of chicken nugget-looking deal for its new oddly named Specialty Chicken<. The company said in a press release that this is just part of the new "failure is an option" campaign. Well, at least it got that right.

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Northern Italian White Wines: Stuff I'm Geekin' On

Categories: Vine Geeks

Nathan Claiborn
Mid-April is upon us in the Valley, which means temperatures are beginning to hint at summer. The macho among us will make a point of bragging about not turning their A/C on until it hits such and such temperature, as if were a contest to see how much heat they can endure. I, however have already turned mine on and have already begun thinking about how to keep cool during the hot season. Naturally, my thoughts turn to which wines will slake the inevitable summer thirst. Northern Italian whites fit the bill perfectly. Northern Italy is home to many unique, accessible, and refreshing white wines. Here are a few of my favorites.

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Start a Farm in Arizona: This Workshop Teaches Everything You Need to Know

Categories: Events

Marion Doss/Flickr
Always wanted to start a farm? This workshop will teach you how.
If you've always wanted to own a farm but don't have a good idea of where to start, this University of Arizona Cooperative Extension workshop would be a good place. The annual Turning Dreams into Reality: Starting a Farm in Arizona workshop will cover everything from what equipment a future farmer will need to practical and important lessons on how to write a business plan, obtain credit, and access land and capital.

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Joyride Taco House Delivers a Good Time Despite Uninspiring Food

Categories: Cafe Review

Jackie Mercandetti
At Joyride Taco House, the vibe seems to outshine the food.
Considering that "joyride" is defined as "a fast and dangerous ride, especially one in a stolen vehicle," it would make sense to assume that Joyride Taco House delivers a pretty exciting meal. Unfortunately that doesn't exactly hold true, particularly when it comes to the menu of modern Mexican eats.

The restaurant, which had two locations in Gilbert and Central Phoenix, comes courtesy of Upward Projects, the team that's brought the Valley Postino, Federal Pizza, Windsor, and Churn. And as such, you can count of a super-hip design. The CenPho Joyride -- housed in an old Humpty Dumpty restaurant -- features colorful tiles, a spacious patio, and friendly servers. It might be enough to keep you coming back but dishes like the soggy, fishy Crispy Fish Tacos probably won't do much to help.

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