Rich Crandall Appointed Wyoming Education Director: Will Russell Pearce Try Replacing Him?

Rich Crandall, who'll be leaving the Arizona Senate for a better gig in Wyoming.

State Senator Rich Crandall of Legislative District 16, a non-wacko conservative and one of the Republicans who backed Medicaid expansion this year, has been appointed by Governor Matt Mead of Wyoming to lead that state's Department of Education.

Mead's office made the announcement in a press release late Wednesday, praising Crandall's "background in education policy and innovation" and his "insight into classroom instruction and uses of technology."

Wyoming's gain is Arizona's loss, as Crandall has been part of a group of Sand Land GOPers who've helped moderate Arizona's political discourse, moving it away from the brink of ideological insanity.

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Russell Pearce Gets Mad Love from the Arizona Republic

The little ad in front of the video is so annoying that I've deleted the embed, swapping it out for this still. If you want, check out the obnoxious video on the Rep's website.

The Arizona Republic's editorial board must be patting themselves on the back right now. Why, they scored an editorial on the Gang of Eight's immigration bill from none other than recalled, disgraced two-time loser Russell Pearce, Sand Land's high satrap of hate.

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Gee, what will the Rep do to top this dumb stunt? Maybe they could get David Duke to comment on race relations, Eliot Spitzer to pen a piece about the scourge of prostitution, or Bernie Madoff to write a column on how to invest your excess cash.

And why not open up the commentaries on immigration reform even further? I'm sure nativist anti-Semite Glenn Spencer would love to horn in on the action.

Not to mention Spencer's ex-bud, minutewoman Shawna Forde, now sitting on Arizona's death row after being sentenced to die for the murders of 9-year-old Brisenia Flores and her father, Raul.

Forde could do an op-ed for the Rep. Then a Rep flunky could interview her via phone, and let her explain why it's okay to off brown people.

My point is, not everyone's opinion is equal or even valid. And if the "paper of record" is going to grant a 1,000-word-plus column and several online video snippets to a hatemonger like Pearce, then it should at least challenge his bogus facts, misinformation, and prevarications.

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Russell Pearce's Pet Cockroach Steve Smith Tries to Give Pearce $260K of Your Money, Again

Anyone got a can of Raid?

Losers are pathetic enough, but losers who don't know they're losers should be given a pistol with one bullet and locked in a shed until they are duly inspired.

Among these: sleaze-maestro Constantin Querard, state Representative Steve Smith, and two-time loser, ex-state Senate President Russell Pearce.

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Querard helped Pearce lose -- twice. First in the 2011 recall, where Pearce was bested by double digits, then in last year's GOP primary for state Senate from Legislative District 25, where Pearce was, yet again, stomped, by the same 12 point margin.

Smith is one of Querard's little right-wing puppets. Their existence allows Querard's High Noon Campaign Products to survive. But Smith and his kind are on the outs in the state House, where (relatively) moderate Republican Andy Tobin is speaker.

Like the wingnut mook that he is, Smith challenged Tobin for the speaker's chair in November, and was crushed like a bug.

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Russell Pearce's Leprechaun Rob Haney Flips Out, Invalidates LD 25 Election, Calls the Coppers

Rob Haney, King of County Rs, no doubt compensating for a small shillelagh

I wish I'd been at the November 29 meeting of Legislative District 25 Republicans for the election of new officers and state committee-persons. All the haters were there, and the haters had their asses handed to them when their pro-hater slate, for the most part, went down in flames.

Which is the main reason Maricopa County Republican Party Chairman Rob "Wild Man" Haney has now invalidated that election (with the assistance of his cronies).

This, following the spectacle of Haney's melt-down the evening of the LD 25 election, wherein, according to several sources, he claimed "fraud" was afoot and threatened to sic Sheriff Joe Arpaio on all the RiNOs (i.e., non-crazy GOPers) he believed responsible.

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Indeed, this past Sunday, after an "investigation" into five, supposedly forged nominating questionnaires, wherein people self-nominate themselves for the GOP state committee, Haney and his committee of Sherlocks issued a statement to LD 25 PCs, informing them that "enough irregularities existed to invalidate the election," and that a full-on witch hunt will now commence.

"[T]he Committee found enough suspicious activity to involve law enforcement," the message states. "The County Attorney was contacted, and per his recommendation, the evidence found by the Committee will be turned over to the appropriate law enforcement agency for further investigation."

I'm told that more than 150 state committee slots are at stake. These state committee persons will get to vote at the Republican state committee meeting in January, where the party's statewide leadership will be chosen.

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Russell Pearce's Slimy Bro Lester Pearce Censured and Fined by Commission on Judicial Conduct

Irish wolfhound Tom Ryan lets the Pearces have it, and Judge Pearce nearly scraps with Dennis Gilman (@ 3:32) in this classic video from 2011

Add another scalp to the lodge wall. Recalled, disgraced former state Senate President Russell Pearce's brother, ex-supervisor's candidate and one-time Justice of the Pearce Lester Pearce, has been formally censured for campaigning on behalf of his sibling during the historic 2011 recall election that drove ol' Russ from power.

It was also alleged that he kinda-sorta did a little campaigning for Russ' sham-wow candidate Olivia Cortes, as Lester was in the car with his niece Shilo Sessions as she went around collecting signatures to put Cortes' name on the ballot.

See, she and others hoped Cortes would siphon votes away from the ultimate victor in the recall, state Senator Jerry Lewis.

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Lester is no longer a judge, having stepped down to run in this year's GOP primary for Maricopa County Supervisor against fellow tusker Steve Chucri, who, quite naturally, wiped the floor with Lester's weaselly pock-marked mug.

But Lester was still a JP while he was campaigning for his not-so-little brother, so Arizona's Commission on Judicial Conduct has now fined Lester $1,500, and spanked him for being a bad boy.

This, as part of an agreement wherein the wingnutty ex-jurist waived his right to object.

(Scary to think this sleaze actually had power at one time.)

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Russell Pearce's Vanquisher Jerry Lewis Slimed by Democrats

The Dems take a page from the Karl Rove playbook...

Here's proof positive that Democrats can be just as scummy as Republicans.

I mean this hit piece mailed out to folks in Legislative District 26, declaring that state Senator Jerry Lewis, the man who took on former state Senate President Russell Pearce, the biggest bigot in this state, and defeated him, is a "Tea Party puppet."

Wait a sec, Lewis? The former Mormon stake president recruited to run by Pearce-despisers in Mesa? The dude who took a padlock to the groin when his candidacy was announced in 2011, and who suffered the scorn of many fellow GOPers because he had the temerity to take on a hero to Sand Land haters and wingnuts?

Yep, that Lewis.

How quickly they forget.

Pearce, you'll remember, was President of the "Tea Party Senate," and was fond of saying, "I was Tea Party before the Tea Party was cool."

For daring to challenge Pearce in a recall that many Republicans regarded as illegitimate and foisted on the public by radical leftists, Tea Partiers hated Lewis.

Teabaggers smeared Lewis throughout the campaign, called him a "Judas goat," threatened him and those who supported him, ginned up fake controversies against him, and conspired to run a sham candidate in the race, in order to siphon votes from him.

Almost all of the cretinous thugs fighting against Lewis in the 2011 LD 18 recall race were Tea Party members. The plot to recruit sham candidate Olivia Cortes was hatched after a Tea Party meeting.

Pearce was (and is) their god, Lewis their sworn enemy. I do not exaggerate by much to say that if the Tea Partiers could have gotten away with lynching Lewis from the highest light pole in Mesa, they would have done so.

And yet, here is Lewis, portrayed as a marionette, along with two other Rs, who are running for the state House in redrawn LD 26, where Lewis is campaigning to remain in the state Senate.

As you can see for yourself, the text labels all three candidates as "endorsing Russell Pearce."

I don't know about those other two candidates, but I don't think Lewis will be playing Putt-Putt with Russ anytime soon.

The mailer was paid for by Democratic state House candidates Juan Mendez and Andrew Sherwood, and state Senate candidate Ed Ableser, who currently represents Tempe in the state House.

When Ableser bothers to show up, that is.

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Joe Arpaio's Stooge Mike Stauffer May Be Getting IE Help from an Odd Source (w/Update)

A pro-Stauffer IE? Spokesman Art Mobley swears it's not. Er, pro-Stauffer, that is.

Republican-turned-Independent candidate for sheriff Mike Stauffer may have almost no money, little support and may be regarded as a massive joke by nearly everyone with a lick of sense in Maricopa County.

Nevertheless, he soon could be getting some indirect assistance from a new independent expenditure committee, one trumpeted by none other than Stauffer shill DeeDee Blase.

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It calls itself the Committee for Independent Non-Partisan Law Enforcement, and its website reads, at first blush, like an indirect endorsement for Stauffer, the wannabe-spoiler candidate in this election.

"Mike Stauffer is the only candidate for Sheriff with command experience and REAL law enforcement leadership skills," it states. "VOTE to give Arizona relief from the embarrassment of four more years of Joe Arpaio backwater justice."

Of Democrat Paul Penzone, the only serious candidate attempting to deny Sheriff Joe Arpaio a sixth term, the site has this to say:

"While Democratic Candidate Paul Penzone would be an improvement over Arpaio, he lacks the experience to organize and lead the nation's most infamous legal bureaucracy."

The ownership of the group's website domain is being kept private.

Blase's Hispanic Politico blog and her blog with Somos Republicans both tout the site, link to it, and encourage folks to donate to the new venture.

Yet the person who answers the cell phone listed on the site is none other than Art Mobley, a longtime broadcaster in the Valley, whom I remember from his involvement with the liberal Nova M radio network and KPHX 1480.

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Russell Pearce Stomped in His Own Precinct, and Bob Worsley Footage from Election Night (w/Update)

Worsley, with his wife Christi, on primary night

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If you want to get a snapshot of how devastating recalled, ex-state Senate President Russell Pearce's loss was in his comeback state Senate bid for Legislative District 25, take a look at the precinct-by-precinct vote counts from Tuesday, available on the Maricopa County Recorder's website.

As has been noted already by some supporters of state Senator-elect Bob Worsley, Tuesday's victor in the LD 25 GOP primary, Pearce lost his own precinct, the Candlelight precinct, to Worsley, who scored 663 votes to Pearce's 582.

The same was true for all of the precincts surrounding Pearce's, save for the Lehi precinct, where Pearce eked out a 227 to 218 win.

Further afield, in the Leisure World precinct, Mesa's version of Jurassic Park, Worsley bested Pearce 310 to 305.

Even the fossils said no to the dinosaur.

Worsley talks DREAMers, Stan Turley, and his goals for the Legislature

If you're wondering, Worsley handily took his own Groves precinct, 390 to 172.

Despite the kvetching of right-wing hack Constantin Querard and others associated with the Pearce team that it was all the media's fault for the ton of negative coverage Pearce garnered (most of it due to cretinous moves pulled by Querard and Pearce), these precinct results indicate that the people who know Pearce best, his own neighbors, soundly rejected him.

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Jeff Flake Endorses Russell Pearce Foe Bob Worsley at 11th Hour

Flake's last-minute FB endorsement

Why did Republican Congressman and U.S. Senate candidate Jeff Flake wait till practically the last possible minute to endorse Bob Worsley, the foe of recalled, disgraced ex-state Senate President Russell Pearce in the GOP primary for Legislative District 25?

After all, the tusker golden-boy has never gotten along with bigot- clodhopper Pearce.

Back in the day, the nativist warrior had a sharpened ax ready to skin Flake alive with, being that Flake was at one time a co-proponent in the U.S. House with none other uber-liberal Illinois Representative Luis Gutierrez of comprehensive immigration reform, a stance Flake has since flaked on.

Back in 2007, Pearce, then a state Representative,donned a toupee in hopes of taking on the younger Flake in the Sixth Congressional District's GOP primary . However, the hair rug was no help in raising cash. Pearce pulled in only about $23K, and he eventually ditched the effort, choosing to run (successfully) for state Senate in 2008 from Legislative District 18.

But Pearce suffered payback that year in the form of Flake's brother-in-law Kevin Gibbons, who gave him a primary in Legislative District 18. Pearce eventually won the contest, but not before a long string of his dirty laundry was aired by an independent expenditure committee headed by GOPer Nathan Sproul, which hit LD 18 voters with a series of stinging mailers exposing Pearce's political sins on a number of fronts.

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Russell Pearce at RockinRRanch and Lester Pearce Insults All of Maricopa County

This ain't no Rorschach test, but what do you think that fireworks blast resembles?

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Lo and behold, the brothers Pearce, Sheriff Joe Arpaio (maybe) and a passel of their fellow wingnuts will be watching primary election returns on Tuesday at some place in Mesa called RockinRRanch, which features "gunfights and gold panning, western shops, and hot dutch oven biscuits," plus, "a spectacular western stage show featuring the world famous `ROCKIN R WRANGLERS.'"

Just what we need, Uncle Lester to "clean up" the county

Wacky. No offense meant to the RRR, which I'm sure is a grand place full of good old fashioned cowboy fun, but with both Pearces, lickspittle Legislators such as state Representative Eddie "Fathead" Farnsworth and state Senator Andy "I won the lottery!" Biggs present, plus ol' Joe on hand, and with all of them chowin' down on chuckwagon fare, one is reminded of that classic comedy bit from Mel Brooks'Blazing Saddles: the campfire scene.

"Wasting millions of taxpayer dollars that should be spent on fighting crime"? Yep, that's Joe, all right.

As a bonus to this post, I include the front and back of a mailer from Lester, who is running for Maricopa County supervisor from District 2. You'll note the irony of a former Justice of the Peace currently under investigation for ethics violations while on the bench, who is looking to convince voters that he's planning to "clean up the county."

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