Russell Pearce's Pet Cockroach Steve Smith Tries to Give Pearce $260K of Your Money, Again

Anyone got a can of Raid?

Losers are pathetic enough, but losers who don't know they're losers should be given a pistol with one bullet and locked in a shed until they are duly inspired.

Among these: sleaze-maestro Constantin Querard, state Representative Steve Smith, and two-time loser, ex-state Senate President Russell Pearce.

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Querard helped Pearce lose -- twice. First in the 2011 recall, where Pearce was bested by double digits, then in last year's GOP primary for state Senate from Legislative District 25, where Pearce was, yet again, stomped, by the same 12 point margin.

Smith is one of Querard's little right-wing puppets. Their existence allows Querard's High Noon Campaign Products to survive. But Smith and his kind are on the outs in the state House, where (relatively) moderate Republican Andy Tobin is speaker.

Like the wingnut mook that he is, Smith challenged Tobin for the speaker's chair in November, and was crushed like a bug.

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Russell Pearce's Nemesis Randy Parraz and Fellow CBA Members Blast Pearce's Personal $260K Welfare Plan

Parraz and another CBAer, pulling a Martin Luther at the locked doors of the state Senate

If the plot to give 12 point-loser and former state Senate President Russell Pearce $260,000 is squashed (and I'm not convinced that it has been), it will be because of the efforts of Randy Parraz and Citizens for a Better Arizona, the folks that made the Pearce recall a reality in 2011.

Sure, before today, a couple of publications had written about the conspiracy to help Pearce cash in, with the Capitol Times being ahead of the pack, but it had raised little dust elsewhere. 

So late last week when the Pearce welfare train looked like it was approaching the station, Parraz planned a press conference for today at the state Senate.

Every media outlet was present, and most importantly, the TV cameras were there en masse, soaking up a stunt where Parraz and his fellow CBA-ers attempted to present state Senate Majority Leader Andy Biggs -- a Pearce loyalist and leader of the effort to reimburse him -- with a resolution calling on Biggs and his colleagues to stay true to their small government, Tea Party roots, and just say no to welfare for Russ.

The press conference: from left, Ryan, Taylor, Gallardo, and Parraz

Biggs, of course, would not come out of hiding to meet with Parraz, and the Senate doors were locked to all but lobbyists, so Parraz had the dozen or so CBA members present sign the resolution. Then he slid it under the Senate doors.

"This is another embarrassment," Parraz said after leaving his little present for Biggs. "[Pearce] got beat by 12 points, so he should pay us all back...You don't get recalled for doing your job. You get recalled because you didn't do your job."

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Russell Pearce Plot: Is His 260K "Reimbursement" Deal Dead? (w/Update)

Will pirate Pearce make off with the loot? Or is his dinghy sunk?

Is the effort by some GOPers to "reimburse" their erstwhile God, recalled state Senate President Russell Pearce, D.O.A.?

Just recently, the Arizona Republican Caucus Tweeted a response to statements made by Democratic state Senator Steve Gallardo that were critical of the right-wing plot to reimburse Pearce by $260,000, the amount Pearce's campaign spent during the recall election.

See, Gallardo, state Senator Leah Landrum-Taylor, Randy Parraz of Citizens for a Better Arizona, and others held a press conference today on the Senate lawn to condemn the proposal.

"Gallardo should read GOP Budget before he attacks it for reimubursing [sic] Sen. Pierce's [sic] campaign. It does no such thing," says the Tweet.

If the GOP caucus is making a commitment that the expenditure won't happen, that's grand. Its inability to get Pearce's name right, however, doesn't fill me with faith.

There's always the possibility that a last-ditch effort by Pearce partisans could delay a final vote on the budget so as to slip in a reimbursement to the 12-point loser. But there seem to be the votes in the state Senate to stop any such move.

More state budget details have just been released, and Pearce's payday is not listed anywhere. (Sniff. Poor baby.)

Indeed, GOPers may have stepped away from the cliff, according to the Arizona Republic.

I received this statement from Governor Jan Brewer's spokesman Matt Benson, when I asked if the governor would sign off on a quarter-million dollar reimbursement to Pearce: 

"The Governor has not proposed any such reimbursement, and it is not currently in the budget that she and legislative leaders have agreed upon."

Of course, that's not a commitment to oppose it, should an amendment be tacked on.

In any case, Pearce clearly believes he deserves the cash. Last night, Pearce was a guest on KTAR 92.3 FM's Jay Lawrence show. I called in and asked him how he could justify taking the $260K, as the money from the 2011 campaign came from donors. None of it came out of his pocket.

This query practically caused Pearce's head to explode. Here follows the content of his tirade:

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Russell Pearce's GOP Toadies Want to Give Him $260,000 of Your Money

Pearce, a parasite on the body politic, even in defeat...

Of all the trial balloons in the history of politics, this one most deserves to be shot down, stomped, incinerated, and spat on, with the remains dumped in the nearest landfill to rot.

Seems there's a cadre of hardcore Russell Pearce-worshippers in the state legislature that want to give the recalled state Senate President $260,000 of taxpayer money because he was made to undergo a recall election, which he lost by an embarrassing 12 points.

Apparently, the Pearce stooges are floating the idea as part of budget negotiations, which, as you may have read, have not been going so well.

Certain Republican lawmakers have stalled budget talks with Governor Jan Brewer, because they're not getting everything they want. As a result, Democrats in the legislature have been approached by recalcitrant GOPers with the possibility of deal-cutting. 

And guess what they want on the table for anything they might give the Ds? A big, fat payday for their hero and erstwhile jefe, the Fiesta Bowl-freebie-moochin' Pearce.

This rumor was first circulated in an e-mail edition of the Capitol Times, with quotes from an unnamed lawmaker ridiculing the possibility, calling it a "kamikaze mission," and saying the Ds would go along with it when Satan started building igloos in Hell.

I set about confirming this rumor, and sure enough I was able to do so, though of course no one was willing to go on the record. Still, the message was conveyed that giving Pearce a stack of the taxpayers' moolah is something the Republican caucus -- or at least the crazies therein -- wants.

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Russell Pearce Scores GOP Chairman Tom Morrissey's Endorsement for First Vice Chair

Pearce and Cortes, as envisioned by the wags at PM...

Unless you frequent right wing blogs such as Sonoran Alliance or SeeingRedAZ, you may have missed the tidbit that disgraced ex-state Senator Russell Pearce has won the endorsement of Arizona GOP Chair Tom Morrissey for the unpaid position Pearce is seeking: First Vice Chair of the Arizona Republican Party.

Morrissey's endorsement was never in doubt. He's a stalwart Pearce backer, and spoke at a meagerly-attended rally on Pearce's behalf in Mesa during last year's recall election. 

Pearce is running against incumbent Diane Ortiz-Parsons, who, to judge by her website, is as conservative as Pearce. She also apparently has a good reputation, and is respected for the job she's done. 

But the consensus seems to be that, being that she's a Latina and that the biggest bigot in the state wants her job, she will be crushed when the vote goes down at this Saturday's state GOP meeting.

Lovely message some Arizona tuskers are sending, eh? If you're brown, we don't want you around, unless your name happens to be Olivia Cortes.

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Russell Pearce Scores Paying Gig as "President" of Ban Amnesty Now

Pearce, the Prince of Prevarication, lands on the AM dial where he belongs

I've been staying up late nights worrying about disgraced former state Senate President Russell Pearce.

I mean, what's a washed-up nativist hatemonger to do for cash? Sure, he's been busy running for First Vice Chair of the Arizona Republican Party, but that won't put fatback on the griddle, being that it's an unpaid gig.

Well, now I can rest easy knowing that ol' Russ won't have to stoop to Food Stamps or supplementing his various government pensions with the occasional can of Alpo. 

That's 'cause Pearce is now the President of Ban Amnesty Now, the nativist shill group created by Sean McCaffrey, erstwhile executive director of the state GOP.

Pearce had been an honorary chairman of the organization, but that basically meant that BAN used Pearce's name to raise ducats.

But now, as Pearce will be front man for the org, he'll be compensated for services rendered, including his hosting of the BAN radio show Tuesday nights at 7 p.m.on KFNX 1100AM

"Starting off, he'll be the full time paid BAN employee, and we'll work to build a relationship around him," said McCaffrey. "We'll give him free reign of BAN and let him take it to new heights."

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Olivia Cortes' "Pro Bono" Attorney Anthony Tsontakis Scores Legislative Gig (w/Update)

Cortes' lawyer Anthony Tsontakis, now a state employee

Tom Ryan, the crusading Chandler attorney who in 2011 exposed the shenanigans behind the diversionary candidacy of Russell Pearce's fave Latina Olivia Cortes, is calling foul on news that Cortes-attorney Anthony Tsontakis has just scored a plum gig working as a legal beagle for the Republican-led state Legislature.

Tsontakis defended the clueless Cortes against an action Ryan brought last year in superior court. He recently Tweeted that he was leaving his short-lived private practice for "a warm offer" to be an attorney for the Arizona Legislative Council.  

Tsontakis receives a "warm offer" 

Apparently, Tsontakis told a reporter with the Arizona Capitol Times' Yellow Sheet that, "his new job, which he started today, is in no way connected to his pro bono work for Cortes."

You'll recall that Cortes, a bumbling-but-useful idiot, was run as a candidate by local Tea Partiers, Pearce supporters and Pearce family members in an attempt to "dilute" the vote in Legislative District 18

This, in the hopes of helping then-state Senate President Pearce beat off a challenge from recall candidate and fellow Republican Jerry Lewis.

Ryan foiled the plan by dragging the whole lot of Pearce loyalists into a court hearing and placing them under oath

Cortes bowed out before a second hearing could occur, where Constantin Querard --the political operative many believe to have been behind the Cortes candidacy -- was to have been subpoenaed.

Never at a loss for words, Ryan had this to say of Tsontakis' appointment:

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Russell Pearce's Olivia Cortes Off The Hook in Petition Pros Scandal

pearcepicresized_th_1300170809_DSCF2148 (2).jpg
Will questions about Pearce's Olivia Cortes scandal ever be answered? Not by prosecutors, it seems.

Olivia Cortes, the sham candidate the Tea Party fronted in order to dilute the vote in the 2011 recall of ex-state Senate President Russell Pearce, will face no fines or orders to comply in regards to the work done on her behalf by signature-gathering company Petition Pros.

Gila County Attorney Daisy Flores, whose office was charged with looking into the matter, has determined that any action in the affair is "unwarranted." 

In a January 5 letter to Secretary of State Ken Bennett, Flores found that though it was "highly likely" someone connected to Cortes' campaign knew who paid for the signatures to place her name on the ballot in November, "we have no evidence to prove this connection."

At issue was whether or not Cortes should have filed the Petition Pros info as an "in-kind" contribution, but, conveniently, Cortes testified under oath in a September 29 hearing in Maricopa County Superior Court that she was ignorant of anything regarding her campaign, including who paid Petition Pros.

Before Petition Pros owner Diane Burns could be subpoenaed to testify at a second, follow-up hearing, Cortes officially withdrew her name as a candidate. The second hearing was never held, which is too bad, as eminence greasy Constantin Querard -- the man many believe to be behind the Cortes candidacy -- also would have been subpoenaed to testify.

The Secretary of State's Office had issued a reasonable cause notice on the Olivia Cortes/Petition Pros matter, and the Arizona Attorney General's Office had conflicted the matter out to Flores in Gila County.

Flores complained to me that she had "no investigative authority" under the statute to subpoena Petition Pros' owner Diane Burns and force her to fess up. She said she queried the SOS' office and Cortes attorney Anthony Tsontakis, but got bupkis.

"We asked the Secretary of State to verify who paid for the petitions with Petition Pros and we never got an answer," she explained. "And Cortes' own counsel couldn't even get an answer from Petition Pros."

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Russell Pearce-Worship, and Corrupt Proxy Voting at the County GOP

12-point loser Russell Pearce remains popular with screw-loose Rs...

Why are non-loony Republicans always on the outs in the county and state GOP, with the insaniac Mexican-haters firmly in control?

In her blog on Sunday, moderate Republican Paula Pennypacker described one of the main tactics of GOP county chairman Rob Haney's nativist cult: The gaming of the proxy system, which allows GOP PCs to hand over their votes to others for casting.

She states that she attended a mandatory MCRC meeting on Saturday, and knew from jump that a slate endorsed by disgraced ex-state Senate President Russell Pearce and his cohort, our as-yet-unindicted Sheriff Joe Arpaio, would win on the first ballot.

She writes,

"I knew that because I witnessed multiple people, stuffing mufti-paper [sic] proxy ballots into boxes arranged around the auditorium. It brought images of Afghanistan, and ink dipped fingers to mind, a vain attempt to ensure one person, one vote elections, until they figured out that the ink could be easily removed."

Pennypacker reports that Haney & Co. recruit neophyte PCs aplenty at Tea Party functions, then use the new stooges to ill-ends.

"Most tea partiers didn't even know what a PC was," she notes of the effort. "But after being recruited by rabid partisans, they were told to just get 5 signatures, get elected, hand me your proxy -- and leave the rest up to us."

And "overseeing the whole scam"? None other than Constantine Querard, whom Pennypacker correctly pegs as, "the slimy political operative who assisted Pearce in his historic recall loss."

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Russell Pearce, Wanna-Be First Vice Chair of the State GOP?

Neo-Nazi-hugger Russell Pearce (here, with ex-protege J.T. Ready) is now vying for a top post in the state GOP

File this one under, "Something wicked this way comes."

The non-crazy GOP blog Politico Mafioso is reporting that disgraced nativist standard bearer, recalled ex-state Senate President Russell Pearce is seeking the position of First Vice Chair of the Arizona Republican Party, where he'd be carrying water for AZ GOP chair Tom Morrissey.

Morrissey backed Pearce's ill-fated attempt to stave of his recall last year, even speaking at a Pearce rally in Mesa that, embarrassingly, only drew around 300 people, most of them from outside Pearce's district.

Politico Mafioso marvels at Pearce's seeking a position as Morrissey's errand boy, mainly because Morrissey has enough lackeys at his beck and call already and doesn't need another one.

"From State Senate President to Tom Morrissey's assistant in charge of rearranging the chairs on the deck of the Titanic?" wonders PM. "That's a rapid fall from grace if ever there was one."

Still, any attempt by Pearce to keep his mud-stained name politically-current should be of concern, no matter how seemingly insignificant.

During the recall campaign, Pearce's embrace of outside money and the dirty politics of his advisers, friends and relatives -- which included lying about fellow Republican and ultimately victorious opponent Jerry Lewis and the illegal fielding of sham candidate Olivia Cortes -- should be enough to bar him from politics for life.

But a party that is led by the sleazy likes of Morrissey, a party that remembers fondly the extra-legal shenanigans of ex-County Attorney Andy Thomas, cannot yet be expected to demonstrate shame.

Sadly, a neo-Nazi-hugger like Pearce is still welcome with open arms in the Arizona GOP.

That's not to knock all Republicans. It's just that the non-crazies and non-nativists in the state GOP are still on the outs.

If wiser heads were in power, Pearce would still be sucking his thumb back in Mesa and rightfully reluctant to show his mug in public.

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