Phoenix Cop Daryl Raetz Killed by Hit-and-Run SUV-Driving Scum (w/Update)

Phoenix Police Officer Daryl Raetz

***Please see update below.***

There should be a special ring of Hell devoted to hit-and-run drivers, if there isn't already. Not to mention that it must take a special kind of SOB to hit a cop and keep rolling.

Authorities currently are looking for the driver of a dark gray or green SUV that struck and killed Phoenix Police Officer Daryl Raetz early this morning, as he and his partner finished up with the scene of a DUI stop near 51st Avenue and Cambridge, on the west side.

According to the Phoenix Police Department's press release, Raetz, 29, was hit by the SUV, which was traveling north on 51st Avenue. He was taken to St. Joseph's Hospital in Phoenix where he died of injuries.

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