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Joe Arpaio, Richard Malley, Robert Crooks, Harry Hughes and Rusty Childress' New Nativist Group "Remember 1986"

From the video that made Robert Crooks infamous, which you can watch below...

The extent to which the media rolls over for Sheriff Joe Arpaio never ceases to astound.

Take Joe's recent comments following an August 17 incident in the desert, where Glendale resident and self-identifying "militia minuteman" Richard Malley allegedly pointed an AR-15 at an MCSO deputy.

The incident is described in the probable cause form (see below) for Malley's arrest for aggravated assault, which also indicates that Malley, 49, lives with his mother.

Additionally, the box indicating whether Malley is employed is unchecked,

From Malley's probable cause statement (Click on jpg for larger image)

Malley's out on bail. Ironically, cleaning ladies busted by Sheriff Joe's deputies for working while undocumented can't make bail, due to Arizona's Prop 100 and overcharging by Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery's office. But that's another story.

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Joe Arpaio's Lawyer Tim Casey Claims Court Lacks Power to Appoint Monitor with Power over Sheriff

Casey: defending discrimination for cash...

Sheriff Joe Arpaio's legal Lhasa Apso Tim Casey is either a past master of logical paradoxes, or he has a tin ear for irony. At least that's how his latest filing with the federal court in the ACLU's big civil rights case Melendres v. Arpaio reads.

Last Friday, the parties in Melendres submitted a joint report on areas of agreement and disagreement, regarding how Judge G. Murray Snow's order in the case should be implemented.

Arpaio lost the case in May, when Snow found Joe's office guilty of prejudiced policing toward Hispanics, and enjoined the MCSO from continuing its racial-profiling ways.

Since then, true to form, the sheriff's office has objected to nearly everything the plaintiffs have requested in Melendres, though lawyers for the plaintiffs proved during last summer's trial that Arpaio is a pathetic old bigot, and his office has a pattern and practice of discriminating against Latinos.

So this week, Judge Snow ordered both sides to submit their arguments regarding the various points of contention, the main one being whether an independent monitor is needed to ensure that Maricopa County's near-senile serial racist doesn't continue to violate the U.S. Constitution.

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DREAMers Besiege ICE, Six Arrested for Acts of Civil Disobedience

DREAMers block a bus filled with ICE detainees . . .

To alter a line from the great Gil Scott-Heron, the revolution will be UStreamed.

In a demonstration Wednesday at the Phoenix Field Office for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, DREAMers, undocumented moms, and U.S. citizens laid siege to the facility, in one instance blocking a bus filled with ICE detainees.

Six protesters, all members of the Arizona DREAM Act Coalition and the national umbrella group United We DREAM, were taken into custody by Federal Protective Services, the security force that guards federal government properties.

They were cited for misdemeanors and released shortly thereafter.

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Bill Montgomery's Ex-Ally Chris Simcox May Score Plea Deal in Child Molestation Case

Bill Montgomery, minuteman enthusiast, speaking at an MCDC event near the border in 2006

At a pretrial conference Wednesday before Commissioner Virginia Richter, deputy county attorney Yigael Cohen signaled that the Maricopa County Attorney's Office will be offering a plea deal in the case of former minuteman leader Chris Simcox.

Simcox, 52, was arrested June 19, and is currently being held nonbondable on six felony counts related to child molestation and sexual conduct with minors under the age of 10.

Initially, the allegations involved three kindergarten-aged girls, one of them his own daughter. (Simcox was a kindergarten teacher in Los Angeles, before his move to Arizona.)

Since his arrest, the prosecution has dropped one victim -- a little girl Simcox allegedly bribed with candy to show him her underwear. Now, the other two victims in the case, each of whom say they were molested by Simcox, may be denied the justice they deserve.

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Joe Arpaio Makes Moolah off Melendres, Promises to "Never Back Down"

A scorpion without a tail, never to be trusted...

Remember the fable about the frog who does a scorpion a solid by giving him ride on his back across a river? In it, the scorpion promises not to sting the frog, observing that they would both drown if he did.

So when the scorpion stings the frog midway across the river, the frog wonders why, as they both begin to sink.

"Because it's my nature," says the scorpion.

Maricopa County's scorpion with a badge, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, is opposed to an independent monitor, and many of the other proposed conditions in Melendres v. Arpaio, the big civil rights lawsuit he lost in May, when federal Judge G. Murray Snow found the sheriff's office guilty of racial profiling.

Arpaio's attorney Tim Casey has assured the media that the sheriff "must comply" with whatever requirements are deemed necessary by Snow in Melendres, insisting that recent negotiations with the ACLU over proposed outcomes were done "in good faith," despite the plethora of objections made by Casey in a report submitted to Snow last week.

But while Casey was negotiating, um, "in good faith," Arpaio apparently was exploiting Melendres to put cash in his campaign kitty for 2016, sounding a note of defiance in the process.

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Danny's Family Car Wash Owner Danny Hendon Not Named in ICE Indictment

Danny Hendon's name is on the business, but not the federal indictment...

In the scrum of reporters, lawyers and family members waiting to gain entry to federal Magistrate Michelle Burns' courtroom Monday afternoon in downtown Phoenix, one question was bandied about above all others.

Was Danny Hendon's name listed in the indictment?

Hendon is the owner of the Danny's Family Car Wash chain, which was raided Saturday by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

ICE took 223 workers and managers into custody, cut loose 179, held 30 on immigration violations, and criminally charged 14, though others may have been charged criminally as well, as you'll see.

But to answer the question of the moment: No, Hendon was not listed on the indictment unsealed Monday afternoon. Nor was he in court.

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Joe Arpaio-Fave Danny's Family Car Wash Raided by ICE (w/Updates)

Danny's and the MCSO have longstanding ties...


Saturday morning, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement raided 16 locations throughout the Valley associated with Danny's Family Car Wash and the company's staffing provider HR Betty.

According a statement issued by ICE, members of the agency's Homeland Security Investigations unit began serving warrants on both companies beginning at 11 a.m., as part of "an ongoing criminal investigation involving alleged criminal immigration fraud, identity theft and financial violations."

ICE spokeswoman Amber Cargile said the warrants resulted from a grand jury indictment which will be unsealed Monday morning in federal court.

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Joe Arpaio, Serial Racist, Says No to Melendres Monitor, But Agrees Deputies Need Re-Training

Message to Judge Snow: this guy needs discipline, and lots of it...

If a judge-appointed monitor is good enough to make the New York City Police Department reform its "stop and frisk" policy, then a monitor should do the trick for Maricopa County's serial racist Sheriff Joe Arpaio in the ACLU's big civil rights case Melendres v. Arpaio.

In May, federal Judge G. Murray Snow enjoined Arpaio's deputy dawgs from racial profiling Latinos. He later ordered that both parties in Melendres come up with a proposed consent decree, detailing how the court's order will be implemented.

Today was the deadline for that proposal, so both the sheriff's mouthpiece Tim Casey and the ACLU have jointly filed a status report on their negotiations, and a 78-page proposed order, with the language opposed by the MCSO in red.

And there's a lot of red, because the MCSO opposes outright nine out of the 12 proposals from the plaintiffs, and offers counter-proposals on the rest.

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Joe Arpaio's White Crosses: Where Are the Ones for Joe's Victims?

What about a cross for Marty Atencio, Joe?

I'm not sure which is more obscene: Sheriff Joe Arpaio's grotesque mockery of migrants who've died crossing the Arizona desert, or a compliant and wholly uncritical media's reporting on Joe's latest stunt involving white crosses in the desert.

There's nothing the local idiots in the Fourth Estate like more than a photo op, and Grampa Joe gave them one Thursday, standing before a patch of dirt in Gila Bend with white crosses that he says the MCSO will be putting out as markers of migrant deaths.

Did any of the so-called journalists reporting on this absurdity question why Arpaio was pulling such a stunt the day before a major filing in Melendres v. Arpaio is to be made?

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