Feathered Bastard Merges with Valley Fever, Bastard Fever Ensues


Beginning today, Feathered Bastard is moving to Valley Fever.

All previous Feathered Bastard content will appear in the Valley Fever blog, as soon as those responsible can get this done.

FB's new link will be the following:


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dennis20 topcommenter

I think this is a bad idea unless the plan is to down-size.  It's kind of like  if I throw out half of my clothes, I can fit them into one dresser drawer.  I hope that downsizing isn't the game plan here.  There are so many topics and news that needs to be covered in Phoenix and they all don't fit into one column.  


so, it's the same predictable drivel, just contained in a different database table? wow, thanks for the news, we'll all be looking forward to more illegal mexican stories.


An excellent idea to merge the two blogs!


It would be a better idea to remove it completely.

danzigsdaddy topcommenter

@robert_graham  why? to me its a great thing, both of them on one blog to piss you off all the more.......................whats not to like? its letting loose with both barrels literally. i dont think they ought to call it Valley Bastard or Feathered Fever, i think it should be appropriately named JAFfy's Bane or Arpaio's Ache

Flyer9753 topcommenter


You hate it here so much, you are welcome to leave any time. 

Really sad that you hate it here so much, but have so little of a life that you have to spend it here spreading your hate

Sad and lame... hell even my dog and cat have lives worth more than yours clearly.. even my goldfish that just swims circles in a bowl has more of a life than you clearly... really sad Robert... 

Hopefully one of these days you will stop being a clerk at a gas station that cleans toilets and actually do something with your life since as fun as it is to see you waste away, it's also really sad

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