Chris Simcox Pleads Not Guilty to Child Molestation Charges

New Times pool photo
Alleged child molester Chris Simcox in the fishbowl at his arraignment today

Chris Simcox, the erstwhile face of the minuteman movement, was not playing to the cameras Wednesday morning in Maricopa County Superior Court, as he stood before Judge Casey Newcomb and pleaded not guilty to six felony counts related to child molestation.

Rather, the one-time leader of Minuteman Civil Defense Corps and co-founder of the Minuteman Project, who has made countless appearances on Fox News and other outlets, was clearly unhappy at the sight of video and still photographers, there to catch the formality of Simcox's arraignment hearing.

Simcox's public defender sounded ready to concede when Judge Newcomb asked if there was any objection to the two media pool cameras present.

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However, Simcox almost immediately said, "Yes."

The public defender then formally objected, in order to "prevent any public influence on Simcox's case."

But the judge said the cameras could stay, after making note of the PD's objection.

There was a time when the space between Simcox and a TV camera would have been a dangerous spot. Reporters and documentary-makers flocked to him during and following the Minuteman Project's big splash back in 2005.

Simcox was arguably the most telegenic and well-spoken leader of those drawn to the U.S.-Mexico border in a vain attempt at rebuffing the undocumented folks coming across.

He later ran for U.S. Senate in the 2010 GOP primary against John McCain, dropping out early on to throw his support behind J.D. Hayworth.

Following a brief stint with the Hayworth campaign and after being accused of domestic violence by his soon-to-be ex-wife Alena, he fell off the proverbial radar.

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There are social maladroits and extremists on both sides of ideological/philosophical/activist

For examples: from the ultra left we have HARVARD University graduate Unabomber Ted Kaczynski; from the ultra right we have Iraqi War--U.S. Army veteran Tim McVeigh. These ideological extremists are some of the most notorious serial killers and mass murderers in recent U.S. history. 

Ergo, according to the witch-hunter's model, it would appear that all HARVARD students and all U.S. Army veterans must be potential terrorists eagerly waiting for the opportunity to kill and maim scores of people.

Although I agree with a person's irrevocable right (supposedly irrevocable) to engage in free speech, I think such conclusions are both ignorant and simple-minded. 

As for judgment on minuteman Chris Simcox, I will patiently wait for the outcome of any court proceedings before rendering a verdict on the allegations for which he has been charged. 

As a repeated target of false criminal allegations myself, I know very well how often false accusations are lodged at persons who engage in political activism. I remember how some so-called minutemen "volunteers" attempting to pirate the Minuteman Project years ago publicly accused me of embezzlement, fraud, and a litany of bogus criminal activities simply for the purpose of destroying my good name and my organization.  Apparently, they were quite upset when I terminated their volunteer services to the Minuteman Project due to actions and attitudes I felt were incompatible with the mission of the Project. They even conspired with a minuteman-hating journalist from a major local newspaper to help them in the ridiculous charade. 

Frank Mickadeit, a second-rate writer for the Orange County (Ca.) Register, was more than cooperative in helping spread the misinformation by writing about six or seven commentaries insinuating that I was using the Minuteman Project to engage in criminal activities. All of Frank Mickadeit's demented doodling (disguised as legitimate commentary) went viral and I had to spend several years explaining the untruths being spread by Mickadeit and his collaborators.  

Eventually, a superior court judge ruled such claims were frivolous, but not before the incredibly bigoted and shallow-minded Frank Mickadeit conned much of the public into thinking the criminal allegations were true.   

Beware of witch-hunting "dirty" journalists writing "dirty journalism." Alas, this is the 21st century news industry.  And, most unfortunately, the first casualty of propaganda is always the truth.

So, before we start lynching Mr. Simcox, or all the HARVARD students, or all the U.S. Army veterans from the nearest tree, let's see what the real truth is relative to his arrest on charges of child molestation. Those truths will present themselves in the outcome of any trial Simcox will face.

Jim Gilchrist, Founder and President, The Minuteman Project
--a multiethnic pro-immigration law enforcement advocacy group-


Arpaio probably told his Racist Child Molester Buddy Simcox to plead "Not Guilty" then claim "He dosen't Recall", or that the Sex with three Children was consentual?!

Arpaio's Law?!


The beauty is that Chris is now experiencing what "tough on crime" is like.  If convicted he'll get a taste of what mandatory sentencing is like.


I supported The Little Prince in his illegal alien arrest patrols.  One blessing here is that he won't be swindling the Minutemen any more for phony background checks.  He also won't be making retired engineers mortgage their house to build a mythical border fence.  He could have run for president effectively if he hadn't let fame and money go to his head.

MaskedMagician1967 topcommenter

I wonder what state Treasurer Doug Ducey knows about Simcox? Ducey likely made the decision to hire him and imemories would've run a background check.

As for twice-disgraced, corrupt, narcissistic and mentally sick Pearce, you sure sound like you are guilty of something by 'recanting' all of your alliances. You should have never opened your mouth and spoke with forked tongue. Then you wouldn't have been taken 'out of context' and there would be no need for a 'recant'.


Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't Simcox accused on similar charges in California a decade or two back?

WhoKnows topcommenter

I just saw on azfamily that Russ Pearce has now recanted on his support of this clown, and says he was taken out of context in his "good people do stupid things.." comment.

Well Russ, you do prove that stupid people keep doing stupid things and saying stupid stuff!


"Funny how the worm turns"

wherewasi topcommenter

@WhoKnows  It seems to me that Pearce does quite a bit of "recanting" his alliances.  J. T. Ready and Scott Bungaard come to mind immediately.  And he flat out denied his concubine, Olivia Cortez.

He should really stop all of the lying because he really isn't a very good liar.

I wonder when he is going to submit his proof that he reimbursed all of those Fiesta Bowl gifts?  I'm sure he said that he had written checks to pay them back and would provide copies of the canceled checks...



But, he definately looks like the typical faux Tea Party mouth breather conservative hypocrit that you and your kind gravitate towards.  You're known by your friends, and yours appear to be child molesters, murderers, and Nazis.


oh its miss joeaparifan.  the biggest girl in phx.  its too bad you have to go to jail when you shoot someone


@JoeArpaioFan Funny, coming from a paedophile apologist.

You conservatives love to preach about personal responsibility, yet when you get caught out, you blame everything, and everyone else.

You're probably just as sick and twisted as your idols.


@JAFFYBOI. So jaffy, no website 4 this racist, alleged child molester (simcox).


@JoeArpaioFan Only thing FUNNY on this page........................ is the Joke your holding in your hand! Go to BK and clean the it true you lickem clean with your tongue? just wondering!


@JoeArpaioFan Do you plan on visiting your bigot,chomo buddy at the jail JAFfy ?

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