Bill Montgomery Doubles Down on Armando Saldate, Debra Milke Denied Bail Pending Trial (For Now)

Monty, doing his best to defend slimy ex-detective Armando Saldate...

Please see updates below re: Milke's being denied bail.

Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery should consider chucking the prosecutor gig, and starting a new career as a defense attorney.

Already, he makes a fine mouthpiece for Armando Saldate, the ethically-challenged former Phoenix cop, whose questionable testimony put Debra Milke on death row.

Truly, Monty sounded like he was representing Saldate during his regularly-scheduled Wednesday presser, wherein he left open the possibility of calling Saldate to testify in a retrial of Milke.

According to our county prosecutor, the recent Ninth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals ruling, which tossed Milke's 1990 conviction for her supposed involvement in the murder of her 4 year-old son, was "way over the top" in its denunciation both of Saldate, and of the legal system that suppressed evidence of his wrongdoing.

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"I think a law clerk was upset over what they read without having the entire record in front of them and drafted an opinion that a judge put their name on," cracked Monty.

"There's absolutely no evidence that prosecutors withheld any information," he asserted, later adding, "Capital cases in the Ninth Circuit take on a very unique character, and this is just one latest example of that."

Hey, federal appellate judges, what do they know about the law, right?

When those jurists blast, in their words, Saldate's "mendacity and disregard for constitutional rights," and the state for remaining "unconstitutionally silent" and not disclosing a "trove of undisclosed impeachment evidence," they're just blowing off steam, according to Montgomery.

Never mind that the appellate court appended to its opinion a chart of Saldate's sleazy doings, with dates, case numbers, descriptions, and the type of violations involved.

Read the Ninth Circuit's stinging opinion, overturning Debra Milke's conviction.

Monty contended that "all that stuff would have been available to the defense."

Uh, "available to the defense"? Monty must be smokin' the good ganja, despite his supposed distaste for the medical grade variety.

None of the examples of Saldate's deceit offered by the Ninth Circuit were known to the defense at the time.

The Ninth relates that it took 10 researchers working on the appeal 7,000 hours -- combing through court cases looking for Saldate's name -- to come up with the examples the defense offered the federal court.

But the county attorney's office sure knew about them. Why do you think the MCAO was so keen on blocking the defense's probes into Saldate's background?

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Cozz topcommenter

If you haven't done so, you really need to read the findings of the Federal Appeals Court. Very eye opening on what goes on with the Maricopa County Attorneys Office, Judges and the Maricopa County Superior Court system of Injustice.

Does anyone know who the original Judge and County Attorney was in Superior Court ?...

I believe Romley was the County attorney then. 

Whats amazing is the Arizona Appeals Court also laughed in Milke's face too, further violating her Constitutionals Rights.

F-ing Arizona, Wow...The Arizona Justice System just doesn't have any respect for the Constitution or the laws, which is so obvious as stated in this appeal findings.

Not to mention it appears the State Court was actually working along side with the Prosecutor to continue to violate Milke's Constitutional rights in the post conviction relief efforts.

Fucking scumbags these prosecutors and Judges are.


yup. the good ole boys run this state and they get to do whatever the fuck they want

Cozz topcommenter

Montgomery, NEEDS to be disbarred.

Nothing but a lying piece of shit he is. MCAO has a long history of hiding things from the defense and violating the Constitutional rights of others.


Bill would be best reading up a bit on the internet.... 

Does he think he is smarter than people who have studied the case closely?

What a total idiot ( was going to use a harsher word ) why doesn't he just keep his gob shut?

If he doesn't know what he is talking about, why doesn't he jus

Cozz topcommenter


Frankly I'm surprised to to see more prosecutors aren't attacked and killed with the all the bullshit they get away with.

Texas just had a couple dumped.

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