Joe Arpaio's Andy Thomas-Like Stooge Bill Montgomery Moves to Silence Mary Rose Wilcox on Melendres

Also at his Wednesday morning press event, Montgomery seemed to signal that an appeal was in the offing, making a statement at the beginning of his press conference that sounded like classic CYA spin.

"Appealing that case on legal not an equivalent of accepting or approving the basic concepts of racial profiling and discriminatory policing," Montgomery asserted. "There's no relationship between the two, and it's simply legally inaccurate to try to associate the two."

Why say something like that if you do not intend to appeal?

Monty denied that he had made any decision on what to tell the BOS regarding Melendres, and stated that the BOS may have to take up the issue of "additional resources" for the suit.

"There's a hybrid there," he said. "Because the county's not a party to the suit. That obviously...impacts one area of the board's statutory duties that is under review.

"The fact that it could require additional resources, addresses a different area of the board's authority. So regardless of what a final opinion might be, there may still be a role for the board to take a look at that. But I haven't finalized the advice to give them."

After the Wilcox press conference, I asked the supervisor why she thought Montgomery would move to gag her, when she was so outnumbered on the BOS.

She said she believed it was because she knew a lot about Melendres, and so might be able to influence the three new board members.

And what would happen if she refused to leave the next session where Melendres was to be discussed?

"There was a threat in that letter," she told me. "It was, `If you don't conflict [yourself out], I have the grounds to arrest you.' He knows that, but I think he didn't think I'd protest it."

Shutting up Supervisor Wilcox is something Arpaio and his allies in county government have been trying to do for years, mainly because, when it comes to their machinations, she's often right.

"Montgomery thinks he can come up with an idea so that they can appeal and not look racist," she stated, spot on.

And he doesn't want Supervisor Wilcox standing in his way.

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