Chris Simcox Child Molestation Allegations: Daughter Listed as Victim

Simcox, once the face of the minuteman movement

Minuteman Chris Simcox could end up being Chris Simcox, 25-to-life man, if the allegations against him are true.

Simcox's new home is Maricopa County's Lower Buckeye Jail, where he is being held nonbondable on several charges related to child molestation, attempted child molestation and sexual conduct with minors.

Phoenix police say the three victims are all under 10 years of age. According to Arizona's statute regarding dangerous crimes against children, any adult convicted of sexual conduct with a minor who is under 12 years of age "may be sentenced to life imprisonment."

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Otherwise, the sentence for one count could be 13 to 27 years. The law also calls for consecutive sentencing in four out of the five counts listed for Simcox on his court paperwork. Meaning they would run back-to-back.

Details of the allegations were released this morning in the Phoenix Police Department's probable cause statement.

During a forensic interview with detectives, one of the girls, victim number two, refers to Simcox as "dad," and is identified as one of Simcox's daughters.

Victim number two mentions that her "sister was in the shower with her" during the time of one of the alleged incidents.

Apparently, victims number one and number three are not related to Simcox.

The first victim states that Simcox touched her while they were both in the kitchen of his home. This, as his two daughters were outside playing. She also alleges that Simcox showed her pornographic movies on his computer.

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MaskedMagician1967 topcommenter

Absolutely sickening.

I sure hope he gets his before sentence. He's gonna need protectionin the hoosegow.


Nothing is more disturbing then to hear about children being molested. 

When a parent violates the trust of a child it does irreparable harm. 


And a kindergarten teacher to boot. I wonder why he chose that age to teach?


i am wondering something , that might be of his benefit , to turn and give into witness protection after serving,  but this case is not under the feds ,, but if he knows anything , and well to say it shortly, , some birds fly , some do not


There is a special place in hell for people like this.

It would be better that a millstone be hung from his neck and he be thrown into the ocean.


@mikefrombisbee I hope they investigate his entire time as a kindergarten "teacher", I'm willing to bet there are more victims of his out there.


@yourproductsucks can he be transferred on over to the undocumented tents in the mean time till the courts are done with him ?

WhoKnows topcommenter

@yourproductsucks He's a child molester and in Joe's jail.  Either of which could mean a death sentence.  Child molesters are universally hated in lockup.  And we know about the deaths in MCSO jails...

danzigsdaddy topcommenter

@deniseaz2003 tents are for sentenced only. once this guy is sentenced.............its protective custody. it may take a long ass time for him to get sentenced........but hopefully someone can get a little one on one time with him before sentencing.

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