Joe Arpaio's Top Ten Bigoted Statements

I like my sheriff well done...

Sheriff Joe Arpaio, guilty of racial profiling? You don't say? Next thing, they'll be telling us Zonies that we all live in a desert, or something.

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Arpaio's statements over the years should leave no doubt that his views on race and ethnicity are of the pre-Civil Rights Movement variety. And in some cases, pre-Civil War.

But being a bigoted pol in a racist county means never having to say you're sorry for the dumb, prejudiced pabulum you spew. Well, except when it comes to defending yourself in federal court against charges of biased policing.

The ten quotes below lend ever more credence to federal Judge G. Murray Snow's recent ruling in, Melendres v. Arpaio, where the jurist found that Arpaio's agency discriminates against Latinos and enjoined it from doing so further.

Particularly egregious is the one where Arpaio talks about the ethnicities of his daughter's adopted children. See, no one is spared, not even members of his own family.

Class act, that Joe.

10) "I appreciate your support. You're on the right track. You're doing what you should be doing."

--Arpaio speaking to the extremist anti-immigration group United for a Sovereign America in 2008, with neo-Nazi and Joe-supporter Elton Hall in attendance.

9) "The good news is, all these people are leaving. They're going to other states, or back to Mexico."

-Arpaio to United for a Sovereign America members at the same meeting in 2008.

8) SANCHEZ: But you just told me -- let's go back here. You just told me that you arrest a people and turn them over to the Feds even if they haven't committed a crime.

ARPAIO: No. They did commit a crime. They are here illegally.

--Arpaio to CNN host Rick Sanchez in 2009.

(Note: According to the U.S. Supreme Court in Arizona v. United States, "As a general rule, it is not a crime for a removable alien to remain present in the United States.")

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Que viva Sheriff Joe!  Nuestra Heroe de la causa.  Luchador contra los illegales y narcomafiosos.

Estamos contigo Sheriff Joe! Apoyo Sheriff Joe!

dennis20 topcommenter

His cynical pink underwear in spanish attempt to pour salt on a wound he created was always a classic that never got the attention it deserved.  It was blatantly racist and deliberately offensive.

Nicholai Black
Nicholai Black

Must have taken you a while to narrow it down to ten, huh?

Jim Pompe
Jim Pompe

Why can't we say it's time for the Sheriff to go without being branded a political hack? How can there still be people who think he's the best we can have in that position?

Paul Ollarsaba
Paul Ollarsaba

but the people of Arizona are all racist . they want some one like joe in office help them to sleep at nite .

Jeff Ramon
Jeff Ramon

Here are mine... 1-10-- who cares?


All this from the very elderly elected official who can't distinguish between reasonable suspicion and probable cause.

The irony being, of course, that he purports to have been involved in city and federal law enforcement long before he was first elected. 

It appears his diapers have failed. The manure is still streaming from between his dentures. 

OSB, indeed.


It is not Arpaio that makes me sick anymore, it is the STUPID people living in this state that voted for him.... that makes me SICK!!!!


@AlbertoBurns, Chingas tus madres, me chupan mi verga tu Y el corrupt Shurf. Violador de derechos Humanos. Los violadores de ninos lo quieren mucho, porque no hace nada contra ellos. TU ERES UN PINCHE MARICONES CHUPAVERGAS.

WhoKnows topcommenter

@Tommy_Collins There must be a reason that the few mins he's on camera these days, he's seated behind a desk.  I wonder if he's very "wobbly" on his feet.



Arpaio sure dosen't look tough enough to yell at Women any more?

I bet Arpaio's Depends are probably doing a double shift now ?!

Could you imagine being the Deputy assigned to Depend Detail?

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