Joe Arpaio's Fave Pay-triot John Philip Sousa IV Fires Back, Makes Bank Off Peddling Joe

FAIR (aka, Federation of A-hole Immigration Restrictionists)
John Philip Sousa IV, leeching off his great-grandpappy's legacy while dissing immigrants and backing the birther crusade

Nativist Nimrod and birther nutbar John Philip Sousa IV slays me with his whole, "Guess who my great-grandpappy was?" song and dance, which he uses to sell his lame book about the original John Philip Sousa, shill for racist organizations like the Federation for American Immigration Reform, and pimp for Maricopa County's High Pooh-Bah of Hard Arteries, our despised Depends-wearin' despot, Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

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Check out a pic ofSousa, and you'll see a massive dork who's spent his entire life pushing paper for the financial industry, a fella with the personality of a tongue-depressor
and all the charm of that weasel Lumbergh from Office Space.

Join the fight to end Joe Arpaio's 20 year reign of error and terror.

A talentless, middle-aged, pear-shaped cipher, JPS IV may be, but he knows how to make a buck while boosting our bumbling, clodhopper sheriff.

What, you didn't think Sousa did all that shuckin' and jivin' for Joe without taking his cut, did ya?

See, in 2012, the gettin' was good for Americans for Sheriff Joe, the independent committee that the Connecticut-centric Sousa created along with two veteran right-wing hacks from Southern California: Bill Saracino and Allen Brandstater.

Sousa played chairman. Saracino acted as treasurer. And Brandstater played bass and consulted.

Together, these outsiders raised $2.8 million to help re-elect Arpaio last year. Not too shabby, and they got some pocket change and then some for their troubles.

According to filings online with Maricopa County Elections, Brandstater pulled in $24,675 for consulting fees. And his Brandstater Associates scored a nice $91,145, mainly for the production and airing of some pro-Joe campaign ads.

Saracino ca-chinged $47,845, while JPS IV took home $23,800. GIA Publications, the publisher of JPS-4's coffee-table book John Philip Sousa's America pocketed $6,285 for "donor premium -- book." Maybe an autographed copy of Sousa's tome for big donors? I dunno.

Nothing illegal about any of this to my knowledge. Indeed, this is the very above-board racket of running an independent political committee. Everyone does it. Left, right, center and none of the above. And anyway, why shouldn't a true pay-triot get paid?

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Flyer9753 topcommenter

Just another example of how out of state corrupt money is the only thing keeping Joe in his position. If Joe actually had to get elected by the voters of Maricopa county instead of out of state money buying votes, there is no way he would have ever been elected in the first place.


What a douchebag Sousa is.

danzigsdaddy topcommenter

pimps and Ho's.  Joe and the people he surrounds himself with is like watching the circus geeks. Sousa, Seagal, Nugent, Ready, Henderschott, Black, Fox, Zullo, Corsi................we ought to start charging people admission to the freak show. and to top it all off we have the amazing witch faced drunken Sea Hag.........Brewer

WhoKnows topcommenter

His Hairdo reminds me of Data from Star Trek - next generation.  Ans it seems he has just as many actual brain cells as Data - NONE!


It's interesting that the elderly local elected official is not being seen in public or in front of a tv camera these days. I can only speculate that it's indeed because his mental and physical health have deteriorated to the point that it's becoming obvious and he is hoping to be able to actually live through his recall. Some folks have indicated they don't care if he makes it that long. Who could dispute that attitude, I wonder?

david_saint01 topcommenter

lol kind of pathetic that all joe has to support him anymore are geriatrics, and those that border on the criminally insane and/or mentally disturbed (yes you fan boi). and you make a valid point Stephen, where has joe been since his fall (ehem stroke). if he cant be at the office 100% of the time, out you go joe! 


I give him credit.  I wish that I were smart enough (and heartless enough) to fleece geezers longing for a return to the 1950s, nativisits and xenophobes into giving me a whole lot of dough like Sousa did.


@david_saint01 that is a good point.  If I was out of my office for more than a week, there would need to be someone filling in.  Who is Joe's fill in? 


@JohnQ.Public Sousa doesn't strike me as being very impressive. It seems he is trying to live off the name of his grand-father....

david_saint01 topcommenter

@logicman @david_saint01 i didnt watch the segment last night, but if joe wasnt speaking in it (the one with Grace) then there is something seriously wrong with him id have to know he drools at the sound of his own voice..

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