Dennis Wilenchik of Andy Thomas Fame Taken to the Woodshed by Judge Roslyn Silver

Dennis Wilenchik, deflated after his spanking by Judge Silver last week

Would you be surprised if the demon dog of the Arizona legal community were to act like a jerk in federal court toward a Deputy U.S. Marshal?

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That's why, when I learned about a hearing last week into the behavior of Dennis Wilenchik, an old enemy of New Times', the only thing I wondered was why a hearing was necessary.

Mold litigator extraordinaire and erstwhile "special prosecutor" for disgraced, disbarred ex-County Attorney Andy Thomas, Wilenchik recently appeared before Arizona's U.S. District Court Chief Judge Roslyn Silver to defend his actions toward Deputy U.S. Marshal Delvin Brown.

I'm not kidding by much when I say that a full regurgitation of Wilenchik's bad-boy conduct over the years would require the length of the Oxford English Dictionary.

Highlights of Wilenchik's career in law include: sparring with judges, ordering the arrests of journalists in the middle of the night on trumped-up charges in his role as Thomas' Grand Inquisitor, lying about ordering those arrests, issuing broad, Orwellian subpoenas into the online reading habits of the general public, fudging his resume, and having an investigator for the State Bar of Arizona tailed by private dicks.

Read Judge Roslyn Silver's Order to Show Cause.

Read Dennis Wilenchik's initial response to Silver's OSC.

Read Wilenchik's supplemental response to the OSC, following his verbal spanking by Judge Silver.

So far, Wilenchik has miraculously escaped any real sanction for his bull-in-a-china-shop-like shenanigans, although he is still on the hook civilly for the arrest of the above mentioned journalists, who just happen to be the former owners of this paper's parent company, Jim Larkin and Mike Lacey. Currently the pair are suing the bejeesus out of Wilenchik and Sheriff Joe Arpaio in federal court.

But if last week's hearing before Judge Silver was any indication, Wilenchik may finally get some comeuppance, though it's a sure bet that it will not equal the karmic debt he owes the universe.

The hearing concerned Wilenchik's appearance May 16 in federal court on a case where he is defending a man on wire fraud and other charges. Federal court is a pretty formal place, but Wilenchik was there without the usual suit and tie, and was instead dressed in blue jeans and cowboy boots.

Deputy U.S. Marshal Brown was securing the courtroom. He saw Wilenchik, dressed as he was, seated in the "well," where only lawyers and court staff are allowed to be.

"The Deputy Marshal asked Mr. Wilenchik to identify himself," according to court records, "but Mr. Wilenchik refused to do so. The Deputy Marshal then continued to inquire but Mr. Wilenchik allegedly gave rude and inappropriate answers."

At last week's hearing, Brown told Judge Silver that he had been concerned by Wilenchik's appearance and that it was U.S. Marshals Service protocol to secure the court prior to bringing out a prisoner, in this case, Wilenchik's client, Duane Slade.

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Sounds like a pitbull. Worth every dime of whatever he gets paid an hour. If he had been arguing on behalf of illegal immigrants, you people would be throwing him a goddamn awards ceremony.


What has Wilencheckbook been doing since thrice-disgraced, corrupt, narcissistic and mentally sick Thomas appointed him to persecute the NT?

Seems to me he should have been disbarred along with Thomas.


I remember a time when I watched Stephen Lemons act with similiar petulance.  Stephen indignantly sat on his duff, refusing to comply to repeated requests to move in order to secure a safe zone for a "carhop"...

Everyone else complied to the request, but he saw himself better than those surrounding him...ironically he was the minority in the crowd...My how times have changed since pre Andrew Thomas.


A slimeball representing other slimeballs, thats all he is.


this is how people who are morally superior to me act?

no wonder we don't see eye to eye!


Wow....This guy is kinda creepy. He knows damn well he is a public figure. 

His attitude adjustment was very limited.

eric.nelson745 topcommenter

He made an attitude adjustment when it appeared that he could be cited for contempt. I'm sorry he didn't keep talkin' smack to the judge. He desperately needs a dose of reality. I'd love to see him Go Directly To Jail. Do not pass GO. Do not collect...... :-) 

dennis20 topcommenter

This is funny.  

WhoKnows topcommenter

It simply amazes me that this guy hasn't been disbarred.


"Arrogance is my name. Intimidation is my game."

Seems appropriate for this guy.

I think his actions are a parody of those of a very elderly county elected official.

stephen.lemons moderator writer

@yourproductsucks You'll have to be a little more specific, YPS. Was this during a sweep? And what the heck is a "carhop"? Not denying anything, though, in my defense, it doesn't sound like I was in federal court at the time.


@stephen.lemons @yourproductsucks You are wasn't in court, but on Avenida del Yaqui during a car show. Wilencheck was a shit to a law enforcement officer who was just doing their job.  The location wasn't the parallel I was drawing, rather the attitude toward an officer making a legitimate request in a professional manner.

stephen.lemons moderator writer

@yourproductsucks @stephen.lemons 

Heh, well, thanks, YPS. They say wisdom comes with age, and I am getting older ;)

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