Joe Arpaio Recall Has "Less Than 200,000" Signatures to Gather, with 56 Days Left

Want to retire Joe permanently to Fountain Hills? Then be here tonight.

As a tease to an event tonight, Respect Arizona, the group seeking to recall Sheriff Joe Arpaio from office, has announced that it has fewer than 200,000 valid signatures left to score, with less than two months before its May 30 deadline.

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"When we started this effort on January 30, 2013, we needed 335,317 valid signatures," Respect Arizona chairman William Fisher said in a press release. "Today, because of individuals who have donated their time and money, we have brought that number down to less than 200,000."

The release goes on to state that "the exact number of signatures gathered to date will be released later tonight when hundreds of supporters gather to launch the next phase of the recall Arpaio campaign."

About a month ago, Respect Arizona held a press conference to announce that it had garnered 120,000 valid signatures from qualified electors. The campaign seemed to be on a roll at the time and clearly was headed toward collecting the needed signatures with the help of paid petition circulators.

Then on March 18, Respect Arizona announced that it was suspending its paid petition drive and going all-volunteer, due to money woes. I later guestimated that the effort might have as many as 157,000 valid signatures at the end of the paid drive.

So the announcement that the campaign has fewer than 200,000 valid sigs left to gather is not surprising. I just hope that it's a lot fewer than 200,000.

With just 56 days left, the crusade to end Arpaio's corrupt rule will need to gather thousands of valid signatures a day, perhaps about 3,500 a day, depending on the actual number of remaining sigs.

And they'll need a cushion to make up the slack created by any signatures that are thrown out. So add on 100,000, maybe 200,000.

Daunting, but not impossible. Still, if it's to be done, every person who despises Arpaio and wants him in the rear-view mirror needs to show up tonight at Painter's Hall, 210 North 24th Street in Phoenix, when the doors open at 5:30 p.m.

Elected officials expected to be on hand include Maricopa County Supervisor Mary Rose Wilcox, ex-Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon, state Senator Steve Gallardo, Arizona House Minority Leader Chad Campbell, and state Representative Ruben Gallego.

As I've said before, what choice do we have? It's either work for Arpaio's downfall or accept his reign of incompetence and malfeasance. The latter is simply not an option.

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Perhaps Mike Stuaffer could help the recall effort?

He ran against Arpaio, this means you want Arpaio out dosen't it?!

No not really right Stoogefer?

Strange now that the election is over Stuaffer sure seems content sucking up to his M.C.S.O. "Boss".

Can any one say "Arpaio's M.C.S.O. Vote Siphon"?!

Both Arpaio, and his Puppet Dufus Stuaffer are  a Disgrace to the American Electoral Process!

Mrs. Cortes, Stuaffer, Russell P)earce, and Arpaio should jion together and Co-Author  a Book Titled "The Art of Electoral Rigging/Manipulating in America."

Repect Arizona: Arpaio, Cortes, Stuaffer, and Pearce Leave this State!


funny how fraudulent votes in elections never, never, never, NEVER happens, but it's so common in recall petition drives that up to 200,000 extra signatures are needed to offset the fraudulent ones.

david_saint01 topcommenter

i dare any arpaio spy to show up...i know who most of you are, and will call you out. 


That Pompous windbag Arpaio is so full of himself, I am surprised his own head doesnt explode. 


"show up tonight at Painter's Hall, 210 N 24th Street in Phoenix, when the doors open at 5:30 p.m."

Is this happening just tonight? or can i stop by tomorrow too?

david_saint01 topcommenter

@dirtysanchez you are aware that the signatures have to follow specific guidelines right? and that mistakes are made all the time...i bet the recall campbell petitions will have more FYI. 


@dirtysanchez Jesus you are dumb. Know how they find the valid sigs? They check the names with the voter database on file with the county. THE SAME data used to verify voters when they show up at the polls. That's why fraudulent voting is so rare,

MaskedMagician1967 topcommenter

@MotherJones @WTF....

I'm working on drumming up support for the recall from Joe's homestate of Massachusetts.

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