Arizona Immigration Reform Requirement: Nix Six Month Wait

Die his hair bleach-blonde, and you've got a younger Jan Brewer...

Arizona has a different reality for the undocumented than in most parts of the country.

So there are different demands the pro-immigrant community should make on the U.S. Congress in regards to comprehensive immigration reform, if any positive effect is to be felt soon in Sand Land.

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Here, self-deportation remains an article of faith among the GOP's grassroots.

Senate Bill 1070's author, former state Senate President Russell Pearce, may be recalled and disgraced, but he is also First Vice Chair of the Arizona Republican Party, and he is still popular among the party's rabid base.

Governor Jan Brewer's administration continues to defend SB 1070 in court, and Brewer cruelly continues to deny driving privileges to DREAMers who qualify for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio's office persists in raiding restaurants and other places of work, hunting for undocumented dishwashers, waiters and laborers.

Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery ensures that these mothers, fathers, sons and daughters are held nonbondable, and coerced into pleading guilty to charges that will make them deportable.

Section 2(b) of 1070 -- the law's apartheid section, which essentially makes every brown person in the state subject to search and seizure -- remains in place.

And, "Attrition through enforcement," 1070's intent, is public policy. The phrase is enshrined in Arizona statute.

So when I read in the New York Times about the elements of the "delicate compromise worked out over weeks of negotiations" by U.S.Senators on a pending CIR bill, I wonder if it will affect positively the human rights crisis that continues to separate families and keep those who would benefit from CIR in jail or in the shadows.

There's a lot, at first whiff, that stinks about this "broad outline" -- the further militarization of the border and the throwing of billions more into the black hole of the U.S.-Mexico line, for instance.

Or the proposal that it may take 10 years before the undocumented can take advantage of any pathway to citizenship, which seems far too long to wait for many people who have been here for decades.

Even after another decade, there's a possibility of glitches that could block that pathway. It's almost as if these Senators are hoping a good portion of the 11 or 12 million here will die off while waiting.

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ExpertShot topcommenter

Okay folks - here comes my initial pitch - Employers are pushing the influx of illegal immigrants, not Mexico, not immigration advocates, not Mary Rose Wilcox, not Obama - EMPLOYERS!!!!  If it were not for the demand for cheap labor that our wonderful capitalist employers here in the US have for cheap labor, the level of undocumented workers in the US would probably be about 1/2 it is now.  That is why Arpaio has so much cover - all the banks who loan money to employers who hire undocumented!  These business loans must be repaid for the banks to make money on them.  The better break a bank can help a business with the loan operate with , the better for the bank!  I'm betting that there is a connection between each of the businesses raided by Arpaio and the bank that those businesses have a loan through.  Steve, I've given you leads to follow before and you've thanked me publically.  I hope you get this one - I'm betting NOT ONE of the businesses raided by Arpaio had a business loan with Wells Fargo - want to bet?


Did you know there will be  a new movie coming out soon that portrays how SB1070 is a common-sense law in the fight against illegal immigration in Arizona.  Please see



January 2008 began the E-verify Law, and the I.C.E. Deportation/Incarceration Programs.

January 2008 also began "The Foreclosure Crisis", the "Great Recession", and our new "Ballooning National Deficit".

The Mass Exodus of Immigrants beginning in mid 2007 in advance of these Hitleresque Programs Burst the Real Estate Bubble, and Triggered the entire "Foreclosure Crisis." As Mass numbers of dwellings were vacated litterally overnight Home values plummeted, then many many Home owners chose to dump Homes into "Foreclosure" and let the Government take the loss.

"Arizona's Racism, and Attrition", would make Adolph Hitler very proud, this is why Arpaio, Brewer, and Pearce have a large following of  Neo-Nazi, and Extremist  pal's.

Every Bail Out, Cash for Clunkers, Mortgage help Plan, ect. has occured since January 2008, and has only been "Treating the Symptoms " of the Deportation/Attrition Damage done to our Great Nation of Immigrants.

Thousands of good Families have been torn apart, ripping Mothers from their Legal Citizen Children, even Babies!

America is great because it is good, when it ceases to be good, it ceases to be great."

Alex De Tocqueville, a very wise 1840's French Historian

The Twenty-five year period prior to the January 2008 I.C.E. Deportation/Incarceration Programs was in fact "The Most Prosperous Period in Total U. S. History.

To: Good.


There won't be any reform, at least not as you see fit. The only thing that will change is more secure borders and faster and more deportations of anybody in this country illegally.  There will be no amnesty for illegal aliens.  Have you seen


The way I see this law is like saying " I will do this But first I will run a race to the finish line. and putting hurdles in the way ( a 6' hurdle that he can not jump ) or a fence 10' high and using a 3' ladder ) If I can't jump it you don't get anything....Who will determine when is the border " secure " ? ( If you let a bigot Gov from any state decide he or she will never say it's secure )

The GOP is afraid that if people get their citizenship sooner , they will vote Democrat..


OK you have got to admit tman, That is pretty funyn stuff. Wow.


@JoseArpaioFarts. it never stop to amaze me how stupid U R.  That fucking movie was made with the purposse of make believe whatever bullshit they wanted to feed the racists with -like Yourself- and not based in reality, even w/o watching it I can say this.... that's why is a fucking MOVIE. I see that STUPIDITY is UR STRONGEST POINT. NOW GO AND CHANGE THE OLD FART'S DIAPER, FOOL.


@DNichols By the way E-verify will be mandatory starting soon. And current as well as prospective employees will be checked through the database to ensure that each person is legally authorized to work in this country.


@JoseArpayasoFarts, then U and UR family should be worried, since U R an illegal, hiding in Arpayaso's hole, pretending to be a Legal citizen all this time. BIATCH

MaskedMagician1967 topcommenter

Jaffy, you are aware of IRCA, the amnesty law signed by Ronald Reagan in 1986?


At Arpaio's Clown: In the end "Right will Prevail".

And "Right" will not be alligned with Extremist groups, including Neo-Nazi's like Arpaio, Pearce, and Brewers Racist Following!

To: Good.


@JoseArpayasoFarts, BUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, U R ridiculously stupid, if U think that Employers are going to E-Verify potential employees, U R completely deluded..... all amployers want to do is hire "Illegal" workers to keep Their profits comming. Tell me, Who is gonna make sure that Employers comply with it....UR "pappy" Arpayaso?, I doubt it, since is well known that He doesn't even comply with His own "Employers Sanctions Shit". STUPID FUCK

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