ICE Detainee Commits Suicide, and a Not-So Modest Proposal (w/Update)

Watch A clip from The Undocumented on PBS. See more from Independent Lens.

Please see update below.

I have very little to go on with the press release below from U.S. Customs and Immigration Enforcement concerning the "apparent suicide" at the Eloy Detention Center by a 24 year-old Guatemalan woman named Elsa Guadalupe-Gonzales.

Getting info out of the feds is like pulling wisdom teeth with a pair of pliers. Sometimes that's because of confidentiality rules. Sometimes it's because, hey, it's the federal government, which can pretty much do whatever the hell it wants.

I received the info from ICE late in the day. Hopefully, I can get more information tomorrow.

Many of you will not be sympathetic. She broke the law, she deserved her fate. That is what many will think, albeit in the abstract.

A lack of empathy is a failure of imagination, a failure to see that there but for the grace of God or just dumb luck goes you or someone you care about.

Watch This clip from The Undocumented spotlights the work of Derechos Humanos on PBS. See more from Independent Lens.

I also find it ironic that so many people who believe themselves to be Christians are so uncharitable in their views of the undocumented. They claim to believe in eternal life, in good and evil, and forgiveness. Their actions and their contempt for others tell another story.

PBS aired a brilliant documentary Monday night, called simply The Undocumented, which explores the trials of those trying to make it through the Arizona desert, in hopes of work or just being reunited with family.

The immigration bill backed by the Gang of Eight calls for the further militarization of the border, and the expansion of Operation Streamline, which hits migrants with federal criminal charges after they are captured by the U.S. Border Patrol.

But the lesson of U.S. immigration policy is that by making it more difficult to come to the U.S., you make it more deadly, as migrants find more remote and rugged areas to cross.

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The Gang of Eight know what they are doing...and that what they are doing is no good for anyone except the people who are profiting from the misery of migrants. They should be sent home and replaced with reasonable people who understand the problems.


This is so sad. Why do we have to imprison people for crossing a line in the sand? I don't approve of this use of my tax dollars, especially not when using state violence on vulnerable people is done in the name of my safety. FUCK the deportations, stop the raids, stop the criminalization. and end detention. Resist the multi-national corporate production of more laws criminalizing us all...


"America is great because it is good, when it ceases to be good, it ceases to be great."

Alex De Tocqueville

This is our I.C.E.'d Economy, and I.C.E. put the Car in the Ditch Period!


This is "America's Darkest Hour."

Since the January 2008 start of the Hitleresqe I.C.E. Deportation/Incarceration Programs:

Over One Hundred "HUman Beings" have Died in Custody.

Over Thirteen Thousand "Human Beings" have been Incarcerated for years with out even charges.

Over Five Thousand "Human Being" Citizen Chilldren are now in U.S. Foster Care.

Over Forty-two Thousand "Human Beings" now lay Dead at the I.C.E. Dumping Grounds at the Harsh U.S. Mexico Border where I.C.E. has Deported/Dumped Hundreds of Thousands of "Human Beings" into a known "Drug War" with NOTHING, not even water to be Killed, or to Die of the Harsh Elements.

Arpaio, and his Nazi pals are very happy.

But America is Far Better than This!!

To: Good?


Mr. Lemons, you say that "getting info out of the feds is like pulling wisdom teeth with a pair of pliers" but have you ever stopped to think that the feds have no obligation to give you any information. How many times have you reported about white people who commit suicide while in custody?



Any asshole who is still a fan of "Sheriff Joe" would certainly be unaware that the Freedom of Information Act passed back during the Nixon administration.

The feds do have an obligation to provide public information. Unfortunately, the Obama administration isn't much better than the snakes who were Bush appointees.


@JoeArpaioFan I recalled the Feathered Bastard did report the death of a white woman. Who could have been the daughter, wife, sister, mother of a (or more) racist supporter of the ailing Flaccid Failure, who thinks  he is protecting Americans in Maricopa County. The Narco Drug Terrorists south of the border love him.

danzigsdaddy topcommenter

@JoeArpaioFan  he has reported on the deaths of white people in custody. all you do is ignore the article and start ranting your racial bullshit about how he he must be taking the side of illegals.  maybe if you started reading the articles instead of just the titles you would see that you twit

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