Bill Montgomery's Victims Rot in Jail, While Arizona Republic Praises His Hypocrisy on Immigration Reform

Relatives of those victimized by Montgomery: from left, Julia Ojeda, Paulina Lopez, Miriam Lopez, and Arletta Juarez

Now, a news flash from inside the stultifying atmosphere of the Arizona Republic's editorial bubble:

Hypocrisy is a good thing.

Particularly as practiced by Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery.

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See, on the verge of some sort of immigration reform bill being introduced in Congress, the Arizona Republic recently published an unsigned opinion piece praising this state (and, by extension, itself) for "leading the way" on immigration reform.

"Leading the way"? Really? The state that brought you ethnic-cleansing law Senate Bill 1070, convicted kid-killer and minutewoman Shawna Forde, neo-Nazi baby-killer J.T. Ready, and Ready's ex-bud, recalled ex-state Senate President Russell Pearce?

Yep, Arizona sure did lead the way. The Grand Canyon State was for self-deportation long before that loser Mitt Romney jumped on the sinking ship.

Why, I can see the special license plates now: "Arizona, First in Hate," emblazoned upon an illustration of a fiery cross.

But, the Rep, more interested in civic boosterism than reality, wants to accentuate the positive. So it brags that our two U.S. senators are part of the "Gang of Eight," who soon will be pimping an immigration reform package.

John McCain's "dang fence," among other things that don't quite fit this PR narrative, are conveniently forgotten.

Like the time McCain blamed Arizona wildfires on migrants crossing the desert.

Hey, why remind folks of Sand Land's nasty recent past, which is still a nasty present for almost all of the undocumented here?

The Republic also offers Montgomery as an example of conservative Republicans seeing the light.

Our local fish wrap cites Monty's support for the so-called SANE initiative, a local version of comprehensive immigration reform, and holds him up as an example of how things are changing.

"Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery shows how a conservative can be a positive voice for reform without compromising dedication to the rule of law," the editorial states. "Consider the contrast with his predecessor, Andrew Thomas, who used the immigration issue to win political advantage by scaring people."

Thing is, as I've demonstrated many times already, Montgomery is pursuing the same nefarious policy as Thomas of overcharging undocumented workers with class four felonies, so as to hold them nonbondable and coerce guilty pleas, which will then make them deportable.

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The Arizona Republic is a worthless rag.

Montgomery is worth even less.

MaskedMagician1967 topcommenter

The ONLY thing MontyPug is is a fucking joke.

MontyPug reminds me of Mitt Romney. Flip-flops on the issues and has no concept of what's going on.

eric.nelson745 topcommenter

About the daughter who spoke on behalf of her 63-year old mom. I assume that she's a U.S. citizen. My question is why she needed an interpreter. Then, for chrissakes, let the old woman go. Nobody that old should be in Joe's gulag for anything less than murder.


Is Arpaio's "Son in Law" really an Editor at the Arizona Republic?!

Arpaio was able to sponsor his old head Deputy into Office as a Senator to "Write Laws for Arpaio".

Arpaio says: "I don't write the laws, I just enforce them".

Bullshit, his Puppets write Laws, for the Crooked King Pin Arpaio and other Puppets control the Rag News Paper Articles?


@eric.nelson745 If her mom is 60-something, she may be 30-something, and she may have come here when she was younger. Spanish may be her first language and she may be more comfortable in it.

Just speculating.

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