Joe Arpaio's Nemesis Rebecca Jimenez, Guadalupe's Once and Perhaps Future Mayor

Rebecca Jimenez's campaign video, produced by Dennis Gilman

Sheriff Joe Arpaio may have one foot in the grave (we hope) due to his "broken arm," but one of his enemies from not too long ago is alive and well and running for mayor of the unique little town of Guadalupe.

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I'm speaking of Rebecca Jimenez, one of the bravest and best persons I've ever met in Arizona. Jimenez was mayor of Guadalupe during the MCSO's infamous immigration "sweep" of that square-mile burg in 2008.

Arpaio's deputies -- usually no more than two at time -- provide law enforcement services for the town. But in April of that year, Arpaio turned Guadalupe into a mini-police state, having his boys and girls in beige stop cars on the pretext of minor traffic offenses in order to question people about their immigration status.

He did this on false pretext, quickly inflaming Guadalupe's 5,500 residents, who are mostly of Native American and Mexican-American heritage, and whose families have lived in Guadalupe for generations.

As Arpaio played to the media at an ad hoc operations center set up in the middle of town, Jimenez marched up to Arpaio alone, presenting him with a press release calling on him to leave.

The MCSO's jefe, unused to such defiance, turned on Jimenez with a spitting rage, arguing with her about claims made in an MCSO press release, which stated falsely that the town's city council invited the MCSO to do the sweep.

"Forget the press release!" Arpaio fumed at the time, with news cameras catching every second of his hissy fit. "That doesn't matter. Action is what speaks . . . You said you didn't want us back here tomorrow. Is that what you said?"

"Yes," answered Jimenez.

"Well, we will be back here tomorrow," Arpaio insisted. "Full force!"

Indeed, the sweep continued for the next day, with MCSO patrol cars and a helicopter actually menacing a confirmation ceremony for boys and girls in the town, presided over by Bishop Thomas Olmsted.

But Arpaio's ego had taken a bruising, and the command center retreated to a location just outside of town. Arpaio had been kicked to the curb just when he thought he was cock of the walk. By a Latina, no less.

Jimenez quickly became a folk hero, but the petty jealousies of the town's power structure eventually worked against her, scuttling her attempts to score a law enforcement contract with another agency, recalling from office one of her allies on the town council, and eventually voting her out of the mayoral position, which at that time was decided by a majority council vote.

Fast forward a few years. Guadalupe's mayor is now popularly elected, and Jimenez has thrown her hat into the ring, one of four people vying for that office.

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ctglobaldocs topcommenter

JOE ARPAIO's TREASON and HEINOUS CRIMES were exposed on CT America's Worldwide presentation on March 8, 2013 in the commentary / opinions that appear at about 1/2 to 2/3 into the 43 minute MP3 file at

Our colleagues have asked us to invite videographer DENNIS GILMAN , AZ ATTORNEY CHAD SNOW, GUADALUPE MAYORAL CANDIDATE REBECCA JIMINEZ, STEPHEN LEMONS, and all of you to a future global presentation on CT AMERICA's Global Forum at .  

JOE ARPAIO, Arpaio lawyer TIM CASEY, and other corrupt officials have CHICKENED OUT after being invited.

These webcasts will be regularly MASS-DISTRIBUTED WORLDWIDE, so be on your best behavior!  LOL 

To summarize, senile SHERIFF JOE ARPAIO was EXPOSED WORLDWIDE as a TREASOUNS TRAITOR and SHOWBOATING COWARD in the commentary / opinions appear at about 1/2 to 2/3 into the 43 minute MP3 file at

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B. DeShane, for CT Global and CT America 


Here is an idea, how about having  JOE NOT come to your wacko city for ANYTHING! You try and maintain law and order on your own! If you don't like the rule of law try some other country! Doubt you will find anyplace so great as the US, but try.  I don't give a hoot if you wackos don't like Joe, but he does the job and does it well enough for most everyone else! My friends in AZ lov him! If you want all the Illegal Aliens living in your .5 horse town go ahead.....enjoy............Stupid is as stupid does.....

david_saint01 topcommenter

what happened with that case, anyone know? I havent heard a peep so I imagine they quietly closed the supposed "investigation" and swept it under the rug...just like they do with all the jail deaths...


TEXASBORDER, You are another one that smells That POS CURRUPT SHURF's ass, if that FOOL does not come, it'll be the best for this State, He doesn't do shit anyway, and whatever little He does is just to be on camera,(MEDIA WHORE), ask for money, go around bitching: "Why do they hate so much", ignore SEXUAL ASSAULT CASES, He is even a fucken Magician: He makes money disappear($100, 000 000), He surrounds Himself with posible pedophiles, people with dug possesion charges , felons (POSSE MEMBERS) and a merryboi called JAFFY, that's why I don't like the Mother Fucker depend wearer. If You LUV Him so much, take Him, It'll be a blessing for this State.

Fucking PUTO,DRAMA QUEEN, saying that He abides by The RULE OF LAW AND UPHOLDS THE CONSTITUTION, when in fact makes a MOCKERY out of them, violating people's rights and shit, enforcing laws that are only convenient to His Agenda, and making other ones for the same purpose, That's the JOKE that You love so much, Fng DELUDED WACKO....."Stupid is as stupid does".... That fits You right on,


@dennis20 Done. I've met Rebecca and I honestly think she is the best choice for the folks in Guadalupe. She WILL NOT tolerate the abuses that have occurred at the hands of some of the folks at MCSO.

dennis20 topcommenter

@MotherJones @david_saint01  The case is supposedly under investigation by MCSO which means it will be handled as poorly as the sex abuse cases. The deputy wasn't even transferred and still works in Guadalupe. 

66rock topcommenter

@david_saint01 @dennis20 @MotherJones  Good ideas for sure and it should be filmed but I am guessing that all will be  on best behavior during this threat of recall.  If there is no recall election. they will know by when end of May or first of June.? If no recall or he should win a recall election,  look for the worst from Joe and his department but until he gets the word, all will be good. 

danzigsdaddy topcommenter

@dennis20   Joe makes sure he has someone handling the rapes and cases like this that are being investigated daily. Joe makes sure cases that are questionable as to his agencies competence are filed in his circular file cabinet, and since those get emptied daily.......he thinks they are cleared cases. someone needs to let him know what it really means, I would say that maybe Ava could have a talk with him, but since she cant figure out why people want him gone......maybe she doesnt understand either. (and maybe while they are explaining it to him, they could explain that the paper shredder isnt where you store them either)

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