Russell Pearce's Pal Constantin Querard Pimps Medical Marijuana Industry

We don't mind if you front for prescription weed, dude, but what's Russell gonna think?

As Mr. Zimmerman once crooned long ago, the times they are a changin', and though progress has generally leap-frogged our benighted state, there are odd signs that Arizona is slouching toward the 21th Century, like some rough beast come round at last.

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Why, the mere fact that GOP attack-Schnauzer Chuck Coughlin is shilling for Medicaid expansion, and signing on Governor "GED Jan" Brewer as the point-lady for this worthy cause, must be a positive sign of some sort.

No doubt Senor Coughlin is making bank repping the hospital industry, which will in turn benefit greatly if an estimated 400,000 Arizonans are made eligible for health care as a result of Medicaid expansion.

Moolah for the big shots, and a medical safety net for the poor. Now how could anyone be against such a private-public partnership's scoring federal booty?

Naturally, I'm all for it, but then, I ain't no teabagger.

Next, there's this little tidbit that I find eyepopping: Constantin Querard, Dark Prince of Sand Land's Far Right, supporter of recalled, disgraced ex-state Senate President Russell Pearce, and founder of the uber-conservative Arizona Family Project, is now pimping for the medical marijuana industry.

I could hardly believe it myself, but there it is, in black and white, on the Arizona Secretary of State's online guide to lobbyists, under Querard's name, the info that CQ is a "Lobbyist for Compensation" working on behalf of Arizona Organix, the state's first-ever duly licensed purveyor of medical Mary Jane, which opened for business December 6, in Glendale.

I gave Arizona Organix a jingle, and co-owner Bill Myer confirmed that a coalition of pro-medical ganja businesses, of which he is a part, recently hired Querard to work for them. I observed that this was a bit unusual, as Querard claims to be a dyed-in-the-wool social conservative.

"He has their ear, doesn't he?" offered Myer, whose establishment was, at that moment, overflowing with customers.

"That's why he was hired," Myer stated of Querard. "The GOP is his specialty."

At least, a particular slice of the GOP, known to be anti-abortion, anti-gay, anti-Obama, anti-drugs, and, um, anti-medical marijuana.

For instance, Querard's dear friend and onetime client Russell Pearce is on record as being against medical marijuana. Ditto for Pearce's pal Sheriff Joe Arpaio, though Arpaio was once OK with the concept years back.

However, when it comes to mercenary consultants who front right-wingers like Pearce and Arpaio, they're all aboard the gravy train.

When I called Querard for a response and left a message, I did not expect a reply. But I did get one from none other than Republican consultant Jason Rose, a guy who heretofore has backed both Arpaio and Sand Land goose-stepper (and disbarred ex-county attorney) Andy Thomas.

See, Rose is part of a passel of lobbyists and political consultants who have been helping the Regulated [Medical Marijuana] Dispensaries of Arizona stand up against legislative efforts to put the kibosh on medical pot.

Rose told me that this effort began as a response to state Representative John Kavanagh's attempt to put a repeal measure on the 2014 ballot, an effort that never got past a 2nd Read in the state House.

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Russel Pearce his Two Nieces, his Brother, the wonderful Mrs. Cortes,, Tea Party, and G.O.P. Officials that all engaged in "Electoral Rigging/Manipulating" should all be serving Jail Time for their Blatant Class Five Felony, and Attack on our very American Electoral System!

Why Has the so called "Justice System" turned a "Blind Eye" to the Blatant, and Devious Election Crime that every one in Arizona knows happened?!!!

Arizona "The Santuary for Corrupt Politicians."


Stephen, Stephen, Stephen - great story but why do you always talk about Russell?! He is not even around anymore. You need to replace Russell with a new person to taunt mercilessly and hate with all of your soul.  he he. ;) Just teasing you. 


I've always felt that the medical marijuana issue should be part of the conservative Republican platform.  It dovetails perfectly - limited government, states right's, the freedom to chose your own healthcare, etc.

If Constantine choses to lobby for medical marijuana I'd say he is being exactly consistent with the beliefs that he has espoused. 

Constantine isn't the problem here.  It is the hypocritical so called "conservatives" of the state legislature.

Kudos to Constantine for taking a position that is consistent with being a "conservative" Republican.


Henry Bowman

P.S.  I'm a conservative Republican and I don't smoke pot.


The other interesting aspect of this is how interconnected all of the far-right zealots are.  Jason Rose recruited Querard to shill for MMJ and commissioned a study by Chad Willems' Summit Consulting.  They must feel that there is safety in numbers because if they're all in the act together none of them can be blamed by the far right for going rogue individually.


@henry.bowman5 I think what is confusing me in the story is that the lawyer Ryan and the author of the story feel that advocating for medicinal marijuana is inconsistent with holding "right-wing" or Christian conservative positions.  Why?  I don't remember the Bible speaking out against people using medicine.  I suppose if you go to Constantine's "nemesis" for quotes, that guy will always have something bad to say, but what is Ryan's beef with medicinal marijuana?  Frankly, I'm surprised to see the New Times writing about it like being pro-medicinal marijuana is a bad or anti-Christian position.  If Constantine was getting paid a lot of money to urge the full legalization of pot that might be a surprise, but if he is okay with medicine, I'm just not seeing anything to be critical about.  The story should have been written as "He finally gets one right!" instead of just taking a shot at the guy.


@henry.bowman5 I think that you're mistaking conservatives for libertarians.  The conservatives want to control every aspect of your life just as much as the liberals do.  Their dictates may be different, but their desire to control what you do and how you do it is pretty much the same.

66rock topcommenter

@JohnQ.Public  Good observation, apparently that's how it works here. They talk about "Chicago" here all the time yet their own GOP is about as corrupt as it gets in the nation, all greedy, self serving no matter the issue.  Wonder how our soon to be 81 yr old  plastic star shurf and his tea party backers "Surprise"! will react to this one.


@JohnQ.Public @henry.bowman5 Unfortunately, I think you may be right.  I guess I'm old enough to remember the days of Barry Goldwater and William Buckley.  I still hold on to the belief of real being a real "conservative."

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