Bill Montgomery Blasted By Hispanic Bar Association over Apartheid Policies

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Montgomery, deer in the headlights...

The pressure is building on Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery to end his apartheid policies when it comes to the over-charging of undocumented workers, resulting in moms and dads being held nonbondable under Prop 100 and ultimately deported.

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Today, the influential Los Abogados Hispanic Bar Association, posted on its Facebook page a letter to Montgomery, signed by its president Guy Testini.

Read Los Abogados' letter to County Attorney Bill Montgomery on his discriminatory practices.

In it, Testini accuses Montgomery of "[enforcing] federal immigration laws under the guise of state statute," and of "unequal treatment" toward Latino workers who are "arrested, detained, and prosecuted in Maricopa County."

Testini points out that cases brought to Montgomery's office by the MCSO are tainted because the U.S. Department of Justice "has indicated that forgery and identity theft statutes are specifically used [by the MCSO] to target undocumented Latino workers."

He decries the MCAO's discriminatory charging practices wherein underage wannabe drinkers using false ID to obtain booze are tapped with misdemeanors (if that), while undocumented workers are hit with multiple felony counts for forgery and/or ID theft.

Testini's letter counters each of Montgomery's excuses for maintaining the shameful policies of his disgraced, disbarred predecessor Andrew Thomas, observing Montgomery's unwillingness to pursue employers in the same manner he does employees, and noting his duty under the U.S. Supreme Court's Padilla v. Kentucky decision to negotiate reasonable pleas with noncitizen defendants that do not use the possibility of deportation as a further penalty.

"The County Attorney must understand," Testini writes, "that prosecuting non-citizens in a manner that secures their deportation, in addition to a criminal penalty, constitutes unconstitutional prosecutorial misconduct and far exceeds its authority as a State law enforcement agency. The effects of this policy resonate throughout our community and ruin the lives of United States citizens whose family members are subject to the County Attorney‟s unlawful objectives.This is by no means an exaggeration."

In short, the letter is brilliant, and it forces Montgomery to confront the very issues that he seems to wish would just go away.

I know that some of the attorneys who have been pressing Montgomery to change his policies met with him yesterday for a two hour discussion spearheaded by the League of Latin America Citizens, and attended by various prominent Hispanic citizens.

By all accounts, the meeting did not go well, with Montgomery remaining intransigent and unwilling to budge an inch, claiming that he was being painted into a corner, where he could no longer express his support for comprehensive immigration reform.

I'm also told, by one participant, that he blew his top at the meeting's end, exclaiming, red faced, that he did not like being called a racist.

Actually, Montgomery's painted himself into this corner with his own arrogance and hypocrisy. I'm not sure if anyone has called him a "racist," though his policies in this regard certainly are discriminatory and bigoted.

Here's a question for Monty to ponder, assuming he is capable of self-examination: That is, does it matter if he himself is a racist, if the policy he so stubbornly clings to and continues to implement has a bigoted intent and effect?

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ConcernedCitizenAZ topcommenter

Profiting From Human Misery

"We have abandoned the common good. We have been stripped of our rights and voice. Corporations write our laws and determine how we structure our society. We have all become victims."  politicians like MCAO Montgomery do not answer to the people but to their puppet-masters, i.e. private prison corporations / CCA / Chuck Coughlin / High Ground lobbyists / ALEC / Kris Koblach /  

ctglobaldocs topcommenter

Our ASU consultant and doctoral candidate VINCENT (a Queens, NYC native) put it bluntly, "...this guy Montgomery is a party line punk..looks like a little suckass worm, a typical Arizona faggot.  Tell the CTA folks to expose him on March 17th."

And, YES, CT America has put MONTGOMERY on the menu for the March 17th ARIZONA SPECIAL PRESENTATION at

CT America went to bat for you in Arizona on the March 8th show, now being blasted worldwide on a regular basis.  CTA slammed JOE ARPAIO and others at about midway in the March 8th presentation where they called out many corrupt politcos, cops, lawyers, and businesspeople NATIONWIDE at

Brad DeShane, for CT America and CT Global


If he doesn't "LIKE BEING CALLED A RACIST" then he shouldn't be conducting business as one, or business WITH racists. I am curious as to why he "doesn't like" it? Shouldn't he carry himself proudly.


CHICKEN BUTT FACE MONTY, knows that showing any kind of support from comprehensive immigration reform. or changing His mind by not charging these people with felonies, might be the end of His carrier and posibly beign thrown under the bus by His owner; the JEFE OF THE MCSO CARTEL, all it takes is for the JEFE to say, "I DELEGATED everything concerning the handling of those ILLEGALS arrested for ID theft to MONTY, He even arrested all of Them Himself"

He just blew His chance to get the support of all these individuals - not really- on His run for the GUV seat. Stupid is as stupid does. HE IS JUST A RACIST & A COWARD.

ConcernedCitizenAZ topcommenter

Montgomery and ICE need to study some history and who imported 4-5 million Mexicans / Hispanics in 1942 so the poor white and African-Americans who were poor tenant farmers (slave labor for their landlords) would fight in the wars, while the Mexicans replaced the slave labor of the day. What has changed?  Still exploitation of people. Now they're breaking up established families of long standing in the state and the communities?

Harvest of Loneliness (2010) - IMDb

"Hidden within the historical accounts of minorities, workers and immigrants in American society is the story of the millions of Mexico's men and women who experienced the temporary contract worker program known as the Bracero Program. Established to replace an alleged wartime labor shortage, research reveals that the Program intended to undermine farm worker unionization. Harvest shows how several million men, in one of the largest state managed migrations in history, were imported from 1942 to 1964 to work as cheap, controlled and disposable workers. The documentary features the men and women speaking of their experiences and addresses what to expect from a new temporary contract worker program. The politics of the Bracero Program laid the foundation for Mexican workers to follow the path to the US. NAFTA further impoverished the farmers of Mexico, and another generation of Mexicans and Mexican Americans demand a just immigration policy. The film is profoundly relevant to ..." Written by Anonymous

dennis20 topcommenter

Guess what Monty. You are a racist. 

ExpertShot topcommenter

The use of people from other countries by the corporations which control farm production in this country to weaken the Farmworker's in this country legally in the past.  The Bracero program was one such program.  Most of this anti-immigrant fevor is being promulgated by corporations which want to weaken the American Government by shutting down the middle class.  These corporations have almost succeeded.  The middle class is almost extinct - we now have the poor or nearly poor and the destitute AND the wealthiest 1 % holding 98% of the country's wealth.  This is a very dangerous situation and needs to be remedied quickly by the people's representatives.  The wealthy in this country ARE a domestic enemy of this government and they intend to turn it to their own interests and against the majority of the people if we let them.  


As the saying goes MontePoodle, if the shoe fits, wear it.

>> he did not like being called a racist.

ConcernedCitizenAZ topcommenter

"THE HOUSE I LIVE IN"  Official Trailer #1 (2012) Sundance Award-winning Documentary by Edward Jarecki, filmmaker - YouTube  It should be a civic duty for ALL people to watch 4 decades of failed policy, where we are today and where we're headed -- unless the people speak up nothing will change. Kavanagh represents the "old school" that has destroyed many families and innocent lives. Time for "smart on crime". The taxpayers have been conned and bilked long enough.

ConcernedCitizenAZ topcommenter

Profiting From Human Misery
excerpt: “I am in family court once every six to eight weeks representing some mother who is surrendering custody of her child to somebody else because she does not want to take that child back to the poverty of Guatemala, Honduras or El Salvador,” Phipps said when we spoke after the rally. “She has no option. She does not want her child to live in the same poverty she grew up in. It is heartbreaking.”

We have abandoned the common good. We have been stripped of our rights and voice. Corporations write our laws and determine how we structure our society. We have all become victims. There are no politicians or institutions, no political parties or courts, that are independent enough or strong enough to resist the corporate onslaught. Greater and greater numbers of human beings will be consumed. The poor, the vulnerable, the undocumented, the weak, the elderly, the sick, the children will go first. And those of us watching helplessly outside the gates will go next." 

ConcernedCitizenAZ topcommenter

@dennis20  West Point military education doesn't bode well for fair justice or ministers of justice. Mentality "shoot first, ask later". 

david_saint01 topcommenter

@Cozz lol shit, i call him an embarrassment to West want to see him get mad, get his reaction to that! lol 

ConcernedCitizenAZ topcommenter

Annals Of Labor: Nobodies : The New Yorker
"According to Germino, modern slavery exists not because today’s workers are immigrants or because some of them don’t have papers but because agriculture has always managed to sidestep the labor rules that are imposed upon other industries. When the federal minimum-wage law was enacted, in 1938, farmworkers were excluded from its provisions, and remained so for nearly thirty years. Even today, farmworkers, unlike other hourly workers, are denied the right to overtime pay. In many states, they’re excluded from workers’ compensation and unemployment benefits. Farmworkers receive no medical insurance or sick leave, and are denied the right to organize. Germino said, “There’s no other industry in America where employers have as much power over their employees."



Not really, just think about the fact that Gen. Petraeus and his mistress are booth West Point grads. High moral character does not seem to be a requirement for graduation.

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