Joe Arpaio's Teabagger Pals Muster "Shadow Army" Against Recall Effort with Help from Chad Willems (w/Update)

"You can stop hyperventilating," he wrote back. "The email was not from our campaign
and while some of the verbiage was strong it's not literal and you know better. Further, you should realize there is a lot of passion on both sides surrounding this issue. For example, [Chad Snow] referred to Sheriff Arpaio as being `evil' during their announcement of the recall."

Queried as to the relationship between LaFaro and Summit, Willems replied that,
"[LaFaro] has a group of volunteers and we have offered to assist him to reach a
common goal."

I should note, for those unfamiliar with recent history, that Snow and Randy Parraz are affiliated with Citizens for a Better Arizona, the group that successfully recalled neo-Nazi-hugger and ex-state Senate President Russell Pearce in 2011, thereby earning these CBAers devil horns and pointy tails in the eyes of Pearce-worshippers.

CBA is supporting the official recall committee Respect Arizona in the new effort, and so, it's kinda like 2011 all over again, only on a much larger scale, with an even bigger tyrant to topple.

Actually Phoenix attorney William James Fisher is chair of Respect Arizona, but the wingnuts are more familiar with their old enemies Snow and Parraz, so they're the ones targeted with rhetorical threats.

I asked Snow for his response to the "call to arms" and Willems' defense of his knuckledragger buds. I'll post it when I receive it.

NB: Please see updates below.

Actually, I find this wigged-out chain missive a bit of a psychological boost to the recall. Such paranoia on the right indicates one thing for certain: The Joe-blowers are worried.

The Teabagger call to arms:

From: "Tempe Tea Party"
Date: Feb 11, 2013 9:10 AM


I've been contacted by Sheriff Joe and his campaign team requesting our help.

I am calling a "call to arms" volunteer meeting of the MCRC EGC and Tea Parties* throughout Maricopa County for Saturday, 02/16, at 1:30pm at AZGOP HQ located at 3501 North 24th Street, Phoenix, AZ 85016.

* Please forward to all Tea Parties in Maricopa County and Arizona if needed.

The purpose of the meeting is to muster and organize a "shadow army" of "shadow warriors" that are willing to volunteer their time to stand toe-to-toe at the majority of the locations here in Maricopa County where the paid progressive socialists are collecting petition signatures to recall Sheriff Joe. For example: libraries, community college campuses, university campuses, swap meets, special events etc.

It's estimated the "shadow army" will need to be at least 400 people in order to man all the locations that have been identified here in Maricopa County.

We need to make sure this abusive and egregious attempt attacking Arizona's Constitution, voter sovereignty and the will of the people here in Arizona and around the Country fails in getting enough signatures.

Randy Parraz, Chad Snow and the special interest groups that are behind this recall effort are nothing more than domestic terrorists who are attempting to turn Arizona dark blue so they can further their liberal agenda. These are the same thugs who wrongfully recalled Russell Pearce. We need to stop these people now.

There is no need to RSVP! Just rally the "troops" to be at the meeting on Saturday, 02/16, to get their marching orders and assignments from Sheriff Joe's campaign team field general - John DeCarlo.

John DeCarlo can be reached at 602-235-9320 or

A. J. LaFaro
Chairman, Maricopa County Republican Committee

Willems' full response to my initial query:

Chad Willems
3:37 PM (3 hours ago)
to me

You can stop hyperventilating. The email was not from our campaign and
while some of the verbiage was strong it's not literal and you know better.
Further, you should realize there is a lot of passion on both sides
surrounding this issue. For example, Mr. Snow referred to Sheriff Arpaio as
being "evil" during their announcement of the recall.

Some Arpaio supporters have taken it upon themselves to actively engage
voters who are being asked to sign this recall petition. It is their right
to do so and we are happy to assist them in their efforts. Voters have a
right to know that this effort is an abuse of the process; will cost the
taxpayers millions; and attempts to overturn the will of the people which
was just expressed a few short months ago. This effort is seriously
wrong-headed. Even the Arizona Republic agrees.

Best Regards,

Chad, "abuse of the process"? Tell it to Neil Giuliano.

UPDATE 10:30PM: Chad Snow responds:


The dictionary definition of "evil" is "morally reprehensible arising from actual or imputed bad character or conduct". So I guess in that sense, I believe Joe Arpaio is evil. And I'm not alone - the list of people who know him best and have called out Arpaio's bad conduct is long and bipartisan: Sheila Polk, Don Stapley, Rick Romley, John Leonardo, Terry Goddard, Mary Rose Wilcox, Phil Gordon, Paul Charlton, Loretta Barkell - the list goes on and on. Joe Arpaio has abused his power to go after journalists, judges, political opponents, and anyone who dares criticize him. He turned his back on hundreds of victims of sex crimes. He furthers his corrupt political career on the backs of immigrants, inmates, and taxpayers. In my mind, that qualifies as evil. Now what evidence do Arpaio, Willems, LeFaro et al have that we are "domestic terrorists" or "thugs"? Because we exercise a completely legal avenue in the Constitution?

Willems' statement that the e-mail was not from their campaign is a flat out lie. The contact e-mail is, Willems' own consulting firm. And I would like Willems to answer this question: how is this effort "an abuse of the process"? It is not, just like Joe Arpaio spending $8.2 million of mostly out of state money wasn't an abuse of the last election process.

Chad Snow

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Do they really think that they can talk, or intimidate a real human being out of signing the recall petition? Of course they want to call themselves a "Shadow Army" for the same reason the Klan wears the robe and the pointy headed mask.


jonnyquest topcommenter

I thought Joe's field general was Olivia Cortes. Oh wait, that was Russell's.

david_saint01 topcommenter

ironic isnt it..the party that bitches the most about govt spending are the biggest supporters of a sheriff who admits be pissed away over 100 million, caused lawsuits totaling close to that in addition, and hasnt done an audit in what 17 years? LMAO 

MaskedMagician1967 topcommenter

If the Old Fool didn't do anything wrong, he's got nothing to worry about. I suspect the TeaBaggers will try every slimy trick in the book to insure the Old Fool wins. Just remember now twice-disgraced, corrupt, narcissistic and mentally sick Pearce and his recall only 2 years ago....

MaskedMagician1967 topcommenter

If memory serves, recalls are permitted under the Arizona Constitution. Even if they weren't, the U.S. Constitution allows for impeachment for high crimes and misdemeanors.

The ONLY person who is abusing the process is the Flaccid Failure, who should take his sorry ass to Florida...

eric.nelson745 topcommenter

My uncle Vito told me that "LaFaro" means "the fairy" in Sicilian.


There's a certain poster on these discussions boards that I suspect is John DeCarlo.  He rants and raves when the topic is a Summit Consulting client but doesn't say much about anything else.

david_saint01 topcommenter

lol hmm, think i might have to infiltrate their "secret meeting" with my recorder on...sure there will be some wonderful things said.  

WhoKnows topcommenter

So, LaFaro  is clearly willing to engage in voter intimidation.

Why does that not surprise me, with the current AZ GOP.  Clearly against the AZ and US Constitutions!


Per Chad Willems: "

Even the Arizona Republic agrees."

 Big surprise.  Especially when recalling that Phil Boas, editor of the editorial page of the Republic, is married to Sheriff Arpaio's daughter.

dennis20 topcommenter

Well thanks for the film oppurtunity Mr. Willems! 

Nothing brings business and tourism to a state  more than a "shadow Army" of racist goons.  


"...this abusive and egregious attempt attacking Arizona's Constitution, voter sovereignty and the will of the people here in Arizona and around the Country."

Last I checked, recalls were provided for in the Arizona LaFaro operating with a different version?  As for voter sovereignty and the will of the people, well, nobody is forcing anyone to sign a petition so I'm inclined to believe those are still intact.

I may just have to hang around some of these petition gathering events and HOPE that one of these "shadow warriors" wants to stand toe to toe or tooth to tooth.


It's interesting that Mr. Willems mentions Mr. Chad Snow, who is a registered Republican, if I recall correctly. And yes, Mr. Snow and I both believe the MCSO shurf is an evil person. In fact, both Mr. Snow and I publicly called for the MCSO shurf to resign during the 2008 election process, across the street from the Wells Fargo towers in downtown Phoenix.

It's not only possible, but probable, that Mr. Snow and I will both be in attendance at this gathering on Saturday. It should prove to be interesting. Shadowy, but interesting, all the same.

What a bunch of yojos these folks are.

MaskedMagician1967 topcommenter


You have to admit the TeaBaggers are rather stupid but amusing simultaneously.


@dennis20 The rule here must be, do as LaFaro tells you, not as he does, eh, CW?

dennis20 topcommenter

@RobAZ  TIme to charge up the batteries in the cameras.  

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