Bill Montgomery's Smoking Gun: ICE PowerPoint Shows Monty's Minions How to Deport More Immigrants

By May of 2012, the DOJ had finished haggling with the MCSO for voluntary compliance with the law, and filed suit in federal court against Arpaio, seeking to force that compliance. That case is still working its way through the legal process.

But if the ICE PowerPoint demonstrates Montgomery's disingenuousness and his complicity in Arpaio's civil rights violations, it also damns ICE, which has suspended the so-called 287(g) program in Arpaio's jails because of Perez's findings.

The 287(g) program allows local cops to act as immigration enforcers. Now it seems as if ICE has its own version of the 287(g) program for local prosecutors, allowing them to act as de facto ICE attorneys, in order to affect negatively someone's immigration case.

Keep in mind that this PowerPoint application would apply to the same individuals affected by ICE Director John Morton's June 17, 2011 letter instructing ICE agents, officers and attorneys to exercise their "prosecutorial discretion" on a "case-by-case basis."

The PowerPoint's cookie-cutter approach also can negatively impact legal permanent residents and applicants for President Obama's Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, many of whom now sit nonbondable in Arpaio's gulags awaiting trial on forgery charges. If found guilty, they likely will be deported.

What does ICE have to say about this blatant hypocrisy and this outright conflict with the goals of the Obama administration and the stated intent of ICE to focus on serious criminals?

I asked regional ICE spokeswoman Virginia Kice, but she would only repeat what ICE had stated in response to a previous query:

"ICE attorneys around the nation perform outreach to explain the federal immigration consequences of state convictions to numerous audiences.

"Although Maricopa County and other prosecutors are among those who have received information about the immigration consequences of crimes, ICE attorneys are careful not to advocate a particular position. Rather, they explain how precedent case law affects federal immigration enforcement following state criminal convictions."

But the PowerPoint is by no means a neutral document, and it most certainly advocates "a particular position."

Indeed, the above statement is belied by the mere fact that this was not a presentation open to the public and other lawyers, but rather was only available to MCAO staff.

The language of the PowerPoint itself is prosecutor-friendly, as I've already shown. Why else would ICE phrase the solution to a "litigation challenge" as "no problem if"?

The first person to suggest that such a training had occurred was Phoenix immigration attorney David Asser in his blog David's Inner Thoughts.

In two posts from December of 2011, he described how an ICE attorney at ICE's Eloy detention center was crowing about the training ICE had given the MCAO. (According to internal emails, ICE also did the training for the Pinal County Attorney's Office.)

I called Asser to tell him about the PowerPoint, and that its release essentially vindicated his blog.

Asser surmised that the PowerPoint must have been approved by the upper echelon of ICE bureaucrats.

"The problem is higher up," he said. "the problem is not a low level assistant chief counsel. These people are not renegades."

He also agreed that the practices in the PowerPoint conflict with the Morton memo.

"Absolutely it conflicts," he stated. "But it is condoned, apparently. It's not something that they do on their own. These people don't get out of Eloy unless somebody approves it."

Coincidentally, USA Today recently published an article detailing how ICE was "ratcheting up expulsions of immigrants convicted of minor crimes" by "trolling" driver's license databases and sending ICE agents to local traffic checkpoints.

If the "trolling" of driver's licenses by the feds doesn't send an Orwellian chill up your spine, nothing will.

When prosecutors and cops treat one subgroup of persons differently than others and apply the law differently to them, that is discrimination, pure and simple. It is unconstitutional. It is illegal. And it must stop.

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Bill Montgomery, Senator John McCain, and Sheriff Joe Arpaio are the "new" american wests heroes. They enforce the laws of Arizona as the lawmen of the "old" west did. We are proud to support them. And we laugh at the demented, crazy fools who support the criminals. Like motherjones, who cannot argue without using vulgar language to replace her lack of facts. To her "intellect" is a word that goes along with words like unicorn, elves, and goblins, and DNichols, who makes up his "facts" in an attempt to impress anyone, without at least looking at the "real" facts. There is nothing wrong with legal immigration, and if obama wants to give amnesty to illegals, after screening them, make them learn  english, and making them pay. That is his choice. We will still be deporting them, those that do not meet his standards. And it will be done by those i've mentioned. 


A defendant charged with a violent, non-bailable offense has little incentive to plead guilty early on, because this simply guarantees a prison sentence.  Contrast this with the case of a landscaper held without bail on a charge of forgery or fraud for using false documents to obtain employment.  This individual may well have been of otherwise law-abiding habits, keeping a low profile to be able to continue working to support his family.  He has probably never spent a day of jail in his life and is shocked by the conditions, and the shock is all the greater in a foreign country.  He may not speak English fluently or at all and is given highly limited access to legal counsel and neutral interpreters, and those he does meet explain that his shaky legal standing makes a victory in court unlikely.

The days pass and hope wanes.  However, he is given to understand that he can avoid months of jail time (unconvicted but held without bail) simply by signing a piece of paper which relinquishes his legal right to due process, after which he will be released with time served and deported to freedom in his homeland.  Little wonder that so many yield, each one another notch in the public prosecutor's gunbelt.


The "Real Smoking Gun."

This is America's Darkest Hour.

Since the start of the January 2008 I.C.E. Deportation/Incarceration Programs:

Over One Hundred non=criminal un-documented Immigrants have Died in U.S. Custody.

Over Thirteen Thousand non-criminal un-documented Immigrants have been Incarcerated for years with out even charges.

Over Five THousand Legal Citizen Children are now in U.S. Foster Care after having thier Parents Deported, or Incarcerated away from them.

Over Forty-two Thousand Hispanic Human Beings now lay DEAD at the harsh U.S. Mexico Border where I.C.E. has Deported/Dumped Hundreds of Thousands into a known "Drug War" with nothing, not even water, to be Killed, or to Die of Exposure in the Harsh Desert.

Of the Thousands of Deported Dead at the I.C.E. Dumping Grounds, John McCain said "They get involved with the Drug Cartels".

No McCain, when you Dump Humans in the Desert with out even water, They Die!

America was Built on Far Better Principles and Values than this!

We must not allow this Holocaust to continue!

Several Arizona Racist Politicians have had ties to Supremacist Groups, like Neo-Nazi's, and have been photograghed with them.

(Russell Pearce, Joe Arpaio, John McCain, ect.)


"America is great because it is good, when it ceases to be good, it ceases to be great."

Alex De Tocqueville  (A very wise 1840's French Historian.)

January 2008 began the E-verify Law, the Hitleresque I.C.E. Deportation/Incarceration Programs which have ripped apart Thousands of good Christian Family units consisting of both un-documented Immigrants and Legal Citizen Children/Family Members.

Since January 2008 Our Nation has Plummeted!  (Economically, and Morally.)

This Triggered the "Foreclosure Crisis", the "Great Recession",the many "Bail Out Programs",  and our "New Ballooning National Deficit", all of which began January 2008?!!

All of the Bail Outs, Mortgage Programs, Cash for Clunkers ect. have occured since the start of the January 2008 I.C.E. Programs, and have only been "Treating the Symtoms" of the Deportation/Incarceration Damage done to our Country. Fact is; The Hard Labor gladly done by Immigrants for America was the very Foundation of our Strong Economy!

Fact: The twenty-five year period prior to the January 2008 I.C.E. Programs was "The Most Prosperous Time in Total U.S. History."  (We all worked Hard together for America.)

This is our I.C.E.'d Economy, and it was I.C.E. that put the Car in the Ditch!

To: Good, and Brotherhood, from Sea to shining Sea.

dennis20 topcommenter

Listening to Montgomery defend his blatantly racist policies at his desperate press conferance friday was entertaining.  If this is what "The Montgomery Plan" on immigration is I'm not impressed. 


blah, blah, blah. microsoft product. illegal mexicans get deported. all sounds great.


As a public prosecutor, Montgomery combines the characteristics of bureaucrats, politicians, and lawyers.  The primary characteristic of a bureaucrat is to demonstrate efficacy by means of a performance metric, in this case the number of successful prosecutions.  The primary characteristic of a politician is the desire to please the constituents who elected him, as well as the political bosses (e.g., state governor, county sheriff) whose approval not only influences constituents but on whom his power-sharing arrangement depends in day to day practice.  The primary characteristic of a lawyer is technical manipulation of the law to arrange outcomes in his favor.

There can be little easier than prosecutions that involve non-bailable defendents who are easily coerced into pleading guilty.  The defendents are unpopular among both a large segment of the public and in the legislative and executive branches.  Little wonder that Montgomery contrives legalisms to that end.


ICE's previously announced shift of focus in deportation proceedings, from the low-hanging fruit to criminal aliens, seems to have reverted: the president's new policy has been relegated to political theater.  From the USA Today story you linked to:

         The push came after senior ICE officials in Washington warned its regional enforcement chiefs that criminal deportations had fallen from the year before and instructed them to get the numbers back up. "The only performance measure that will count this fiscal year is the criminal alien removal target," David Venturella, who then supervised ICE's field offices, said in April in an e-mail to agents in Atlanta.

In practice, this involves an elastic definition of "criminal aliens" which can be applied as broadly as possible.  "Round 'em up" is an institutional habit that took root over years under the guidance of career bureaucrats and managers, and reflected the attitudes and values of many field agents.  It won't be changed from the top without ongoing top-down supervision.  An executive memo or two without diligent follow up will be viewed as a speed bump to be circumnavigated by means of creative interpretation and selective application, and won't permanently alter institutional culture.


recall Monty next im thinking...What an insult to West Point, he got caught in a blatant lie, and apparently used tax dollars for the presentation! Indeed, the Constitution does state period that "all persons within our borders are afforded the same civil rights as any citizen" ifs ands or buts about it...Start packing now monty poo...or change your ways. 

MaskedMagician1967 topcommenter


Can you please provide a link to MontyPug's presser? I had to work early today and missed it.


@David Saint; Yeah Recall Monty he is just another Racist Arpaio Stooge.

The Puppet Master is pulling his strings to meet his agenda, instaed of doing his "Real Job."

MaskedMagician1967 topcommenter


David, I couldn't find the phrase in the Constitution that says that. Not doubting you, I just am not finding that particular phrase. Any links you can find are appreciated.


@MaskedMagician1967 Because Monty is an ass. Word is he just called a press conference about all this. What a scandal. News at 11.


@MaskedMagician1967 That precise phrase isn't there.  However, the various amendments that comprise the Bill of Rights refer to the rights applying to "persons" rather than "citizens."

MaskedMagician1967 topcommenter


I actually thought MontyPug would be different than his mentally unstable predecessor.

Sadly I was wrong. The one bit of credit he does get from me is his military service.

MaskedMagician1967 topcommenter


Do you remember what article or clause or amendment you saw that? As I said, I was unable to find the phrase David referenced.

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