Tom Horne's Investigator Meg Hinchey Sues Horne for Retaliation, Defamation

Ray Stern
General Horne-Dog: His sleaze is never-ending

Making good on her June 7, notice of claim for $10 million against Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne, veteran AG investigator Meg Hinchey filed suit Wednesday in Maricopa County Superior Court, alleging that Horne and his underlings are engaged in an ongoing campaign to ruin Hinchey's law enforcement career.

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As you may recall, in 2011, Horne ordered Hinchey to plug a presumed leak in his office, one Horne suspected of feeding yours truly information on his apparent mistress Carmen Chenal, whom Horne has hired as an Assistant Attorney General at a six figure salary in the AG's criminal division, despite her having zero experience in criminal law.

During her inquiry, Hinchey uncovered evidence of possible criminal wrongdoing by Horne and his employees (surprise, surprise) and turned this information over to the FBI.

The resulting scandal exposed Horne's (alleged) affair with Chenal, his embarrassing hit-and-run during an afternoon trip to Chenal's apartment, allegations of serious campaign finance improprieties, and allegations of obstruction of justice by Horne.

Read Meg Hinchey's lawsuit against AG Horne.
Read exhibits 1-5 of the complaint.
Read exhibits 6-10 of the complaint.

Though the U.S. Attorney's Office declined to prosecute Horne, he and his outreach director Kathleen Winn could be on the hook for $1 million in fines each for alleged coordination between Horne and an independent expenditure committee run by Winn.

Horne also faces a misdemeanor criminal charge of hit-and-run for the minor accident that occurred during the Horne-Chenal rendezvous.

But more importantly, Horne's plans of running for governor in 2014 are kaput, though he believes he can run for re-election as AG and win. A plan that's doubtful at best.

(Note: Horne continues to dodge responsibility for his fender-bender in Phoenix municipal court, recently putting off the day of reckoning yet again, by asking the court to delay the next hearing until February 1, a request that was granted.)

This near-fatal political wound is self-inflicted: If Horne had not been driven to cover-up his affair with Chenal, the FBI investigation would not have happened. Yet according to the lawsuit filed Wednesday, Horne is seeking revenge against Hinchey for doing her job.

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MaskedMagician1967 topcommenter

Sounds like our astute AG has learned quite well from the Flaccid Failure of MCSO and Candy Andy Thomas how to bully a witness in an investigation.

I hope Hinchey wins. Maybe then the clueless imbeciles who vote these corrupt assholes into office will finally see what they pay for in terms of public servants.


Prediction:  Tom agrees to resign for a deal on his 1million dollar fine--cause his Chica K.Winn is gonna cut a deal to reduce her 1million dollar fine.  Tom goes the way of the T-rex in Az. Politics and the State swiftly, and assuredly settles this lawsuit for between 500k to 1millions. Everyone in the State is Happy--except of course Tom T-rex Horne; and of course Carman cause she goes back to being just another crazyasslocaputa.  

Joe Kennedy
Joe Kennedy

I think he changed the spelling of his name from Horny to Horne.


Hey Horne, follow Kinpin Arpaio's lead, just say "I don't recall"

In Arizona this is your best defense, if you are a crooked Politician.

Be very careful to never tell the "Truth", right Arpaio?

To: Justice in Arizona?


I've had to deal with this woman. Now she knows how I feel.


Something is up with this dude. You leave a minor scrape on someones car that is witnessed by FBI agents, and you want to drag it out in court ?  He's fishing for information concerning what ? Horne has major problems in his immediate future. peace


Stephen,  Keep close to this--I fear that if you do not report on this HorseShit political B.S. Meg Hinchey will get a  seam rolling like no other.  My view is--as long as you continue to call out the liar and conniver (sic)  of an AG and predict his future moves to discredit Ms. Hinchey--he remains in Check-Mate.  Eventually, most likely around the time the  county starts to heat him up on his potential $1,000,000,000 fine for political campagain fraud, he folds his cards and goes away.  I hope you 

remind Brewer of the team shenannanigans that Pacheco et. al.  have played and look to remove the entire lot of rotten apples. 

MaskedMagician1967 topcommenter


I told YPS at one point that the actions of a few bad apples taint the entire office.

I was referring to MCSO.

The same statement is true with regard to the Arizona AG's Office.

danzigsdaddy topcommenter

@Eleanor_Holguin  not prying Eleanor, but its comments like that that make me want to hear the stories you and others may have. granted some of these cases may be frivilous, but some of them are also well warranted, and when i hear someone put in their personal experiences about one party or another, i start to wonder about the people involved in these cases. i feel its the stories like the ones you must have that would make or break these cases (this isnt meant as any kind of insult) because i know there has to be more to these cases than we hear about


@danzigsdaddy go to and you can read some of my story. my story has been very public. I was recently named by the Arizona Republic as one of the top people to watch in Tempe for 2013. I have dealt with a ton of corruption and most of it has been very public. 

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