Sal Reza, Tonatierra March 13.4 Miles for Justice on Saturday

Within just a few minutes of the bait car's Latino driver pulling out onto a thoroughfare, a Glendale police officer stopped the vehicle, supposedly for impeding traffic. Though the video tells one story, the Glendale PD denied there was any racial profiling involved and that the stop was legit.

Which is one reason Reza's army of demonstrators is making the long trek on foot to Glendale. Another reason is to put the Obama administration on blast for not living up to its pro-immigration rhetoric.

"Janet Napolitano remaining at the Department of Homeland Security for another term means four more years of Gestapo tactics," Reza said, speaking of the recent news that Nappy will stay in place for the second term.

"That's a very strong message from President Obama," Reza continued. "I don't know why people are so blind that they only see that promise of immigration reform and don't want to see the reality."

Indeed, as I observed in my column this week on the struggle for justice here in Arizona, the Obama administration deported a record 409,849 persons in fiscal year 2012 alone.

So while the carrot is held off in the distance, the stick is forever present and waiting to strike.

Reza says people will begin gathering around 8 a.m. tomorrow, with the march to get under way around 9 or 9:30 a.m. He estimates the march will end in Glendale around 4 p.m.

The veteran human rights advocate is also encouraging people to boycott the Mexican National Team's soccer match against Denmark at Glendale's University of Phoenix Stadium on January 30.

This, to protest the Glendale PD cop's behavior in the Univision report.

As far as Saturday's march goes, consider it exercise for your body and your soul.

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I agree with REZA 100 %. Its long past due,for LATINO'S  political representation in ARIZONA to reflect their population . The longer the AZ. state GOP fights this notion,the sooner they destroy there brand."kind a like checkmate"   


Jaffy, I saw a show about your lineage last week. On the show NOVA, they did a story on how, now that they have mapped the Neanderthal genome and compared it to the modern human genome, they have proved that modern humans and Neanderthals bumped uglies.

Guess that explains why your mother smells so bad and walks all hunched over.


No, illegal aliens won't be lagalized. they'll be deported.


They are wasting their time. Maybe they'll all get hit by a bus.

MaskedMagician1967 topcommenter


Actually illegal aliens will be legalized. U.S. Senator Marco Rubio of Florida, a Republican, has started an immigration overhaul bill that President Obama will sign.


Or better yet, I hope you die of cancer inside Arpaio's hole so you transmit it to him.


JAF, you need to pack your shit and move  to Arpayaso office, sooner or later you have to do it so an "illegal" occupies you place.

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