Russell Pearce's Pet Cockroach Steve Smith Tries to Give Pearce $260K of Your Money, Again

Tobin has since denied Smith and his butt-buddy (and fellow Querard creation) state Representative Carl Seel chairmanships. However, Smith can still sponsor bills, even if they go nowhere.

Which is why the shameless Smith, a "talent agency director" with appropriately greasy hair, is reviving the effort to "reimburse" Pearce for the money others donated to him during the 2011 recall, and which Pearce spent, around $260K.

In his House Bill 2290, Smith doesn't even try to hide the intent, making the bill retroactive "to expenses incurred for a recall election held in November, 2011."

Where is this cash to come from? The state general fund. In other words, you and me.

Smith is also sponsoring HB 2282, which he tried to run when he was in the state Senate last year.

This unconstitutional measure would create a recall primary to precede any recall election, which Smith and the other Pearce-suckers seem to think would have scuttled Pearce's 2011 recall.

The problem with that theory is Pearce's 12-point loss to Bob Worsley in the LD 25 GOP primary in August. That is, Pearce lost, even in a Republican primary in his backyard.

And so it goes, proving how hard it is to rid any house, much less the upper and lower ones of the state Legislature, of cockroaches.

Seems doubtful that Smith's insect droppings will get a hearing as long as Tobin's speaker.

But on the Senate side, one pro-Pearce roach by the name of Andy Biggs has ascended to the presidency.

So, hope springs eternal, if you have six legs and eat dung, that is.

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C'mon FB. It's not nice to pick on harmless retards.


Lets give Russell Pearce what he is really due!

Nine months, to Two Years in Jail for Election Rigging/Manipulating in His Mrs. Cortez Scheme involving His Brother, His Two Nieces, Tea Party, and G.O.P. Officials as well!

This was a Class Five Felony by all involved in this un-believable , and Criminal Scheme!

This was not simply a "Sham"!

Hey Cockraoch Steve Smith, how about "True Justice"?!!!!


Two ironies pop immediately to mind with this issue:

(1) None of the $261,000 came from ANY personal accounts owned by Mister Pearce. Every cent was paid by his campaign, all of which came from donations from individuals, companies, or political action committees. Since R. Pearce DID NOT pay any of those costs there is nothing for him  to be reimbursed for.

(2) None of us is the least bit surprised that the Airy Zona Republicans are actually trying this for a SECOND time around. How sad is it that this kind of outlandish behavior is actually expected of this group of dunderheads?

In the mean time, I believe the R. Pearce campaign fund has a balance of $400,000 or so. What will become of that money, over time? I suppose R. Pearce is using it to pay his mortgage at the 'office' he has at his house while he is waiting for another shot at some public office.

MaskedMagician1967 topcommenter

Lmao Steve Smith IS a cockroach.

He's repeatedly proven it.

WhoKnows topcommenter

These clown must not have a single mirror in their house, because no one sane could attempt this crap and look at themselves in a mirror.

jonnyquest topcommenter

Smith and Seel butt-buddies? Well I hear Smith is a real man. He holds his own legs up.

david_saint01 topcommenter

I say we recall Smith now just for continuing to do this...


Having six legs and eating dung is a prerequisite for being a republican in Arizona isn't it?

dennis20 topcommenter

@Tommy_Collins Pearce passed bills by bringing them up again and again.  They learned this from him and it use to work. 

jonnyquest topcommenter

I wonder if they would consider making a video?

WhoKnows topcommenter

@jonnyquest That would be Joel Fox and Larry Black,  with their "i love you" emails displayed in the background!

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