Russell Pearce Endorses Robert Graham for GOP Chair; LD 25 Do-Over Tonight


Disgraced, recalled two-time loser, ex-state Senate President Russell Pearce, has endorsed businessman Robert Graham for chair of the Arizona Republican Party, according to notices in both the SonoranAlliance and SeeingRedAZ blogs.

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The AZ GOP's state committee meeting is January 26, and Graham has stacked up the endorsements like cordwood, even from the "crazy" wing of the party, represented by Pearce, Pearce's pet leprechaun Maricopa County Republican Committee Chair Rob Haney, and outgoing gum-smacking gun-nut state Senator Lori Klein, among others.

Pearce's endorsement is a bit of a surprise, as many GOP moderates have feared that if Pearce makes it onto the state committee somehow, he might challenge Graham from the floor come January 26.

Not that Pearce's word is worth more than an empty box of CrackerJacks, but even Pearce would have a tough time endorsing Graham, then turning around and running against him from the floor a couple of weeks later.

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There is ALWAYS something in it for Mister Pearce. He simply doesn't do something for someone without knowing that he has the potential to benefit from it. This latest is just a spin to position himself for some sleaze manuever that will allow him to gain another position within the party. It ain't over until the phat guy sings, in this case it will be Mister Pearce.

dennis20 topcommenter

Update? What happened last night?


Pearce and his dwindling number of minions are just slimy little reprobates.  They are dying out...thankfully.

WhoKnows topcommenter

So in other words, Graham is a slimy piece of pond scum.  I'm surprised this moron didn't endorse JT Ready, as he had in the past for other positions!


Drive a stake of holly thru his heart, forthwith!


This Snail (Pearce)  needs to be kept away, and the best way to do it is to pour a line of salt all arounf the Capitol Building or pour it right on him, see if it dissolves for good.


@comrade But Comrade, that line of salt can't be crossed by demons so how would Stinky Finger Jan and the rest of the republicans be able to get to their offices?

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